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Crusader's animation skills and/or coding algorithm

Hello, IMC.

I would like to give the suggestion to decrease the animation for moves like holy smash and condemn, it just takes so long that in the end I start to question myself if it wouldn’t be better to just stick with exorcist rubric because it has greater AOE and constant damage.

I personally don’t even mind if the damage was slightly decrease and the animation was faster to even out the DPS or something like that. (But it would be optimal if it didn’t :stuck_out_tongue:)

Another suggestion would be if you don’t prefer to make the animation faster, to increase the number of targets the skill can use, or change the code to be [AOE ratio / 2] instead of [AOE ratio / 3], because hitting 3-4 monsters at a time can be frustrating if I don’t have any other DPS classes to back me up in the late game.

Thank you very much

It is lol

You know swordman? They take 2 years to actually make their skill “faster” Maybe your idea will live in 2 years.

First time?

Just don’t skill it. The skill was specifically designed for people who only have crusader in their build for dps, hence its low CD time, so the person doesn’t just sit around doing nothing.
If you have more skills on other classes as fillers, just put the points in the ring or pillar skill.

That won’t happen. Magic has the disadvantage of relying on concentration prior, during and after cast, which cannot be decreased by training. Yes, the skill animations and delays are gruesome, but you get high skillfactors in return, just like on exorcist. Deal with it or go over to the physical side.

You can already increase the numbers of targets affected by stacking AoE attack ratio. There is no point in having skills with little to no AoE featuring an excessive number of targets.

Instead, you should be happy that the skill isn’t just outright like smite/god smash that ask you to stack AoE attack ratio to hit more targets, because hitting 3 targets is still hitting 3 targets.
The initial 2 targets are already worth 4 to 6 AoE attack ratio (since most mobs are either medium or large), some skills even have 3 or 4 initial targets, making them worth 6-12 AoE attack ratio.

What you could ask for is e.g. an art that removes the attack boost on crusaders [Goddess’ Retribution] chant and instead increases the number of targets the skills can affect, otherwise it would destroy the identity of the class that comes along as a close range magic damage dealer with low AoE capabilities.

In actuality, this game is an MMORPG, and you’re supposed to play with others who cover your weaknesses, not to ask for fixing a class that is not broken just so it can fit your build better.

I don’t advise people to stay away from crusader for nothing after all, it’s a very niche class that requires support and/or special builds to make it work, just like for example chaplain or kabbalist.

And to be honest, IMC should spend their energy and time on fixing the support classes, most of them are no longer viable in the game as their identity was limited to mainly “the healer” or “the buffer” while unique mechanics still don’t want you to use them because the rest of the class is bad (looking at pardoner,kabbalist,paladin and recently even oracle) and/or relies on other classes to expand on it.

Those supporters didn’t even receive an SFR buff yet(except the blue circle classes and plague doctor), which happened in episode 11 for the other classes.

This has been an ongoing issue for new classes that have been introduced over the years. Their attack animations are way too slow compared to already existing classes. Periodically, IMC does an overall improvement patch in attack animation speeds for a plethora of classes, but we’ll probably have to wait for that.

Just don’t skill it.

That’s not a solution to an issue that is constantly plaguing the game.