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Crusader ideas? im thinking of a build

so i’m thinking something like Crusader > Plauge doctor, would make for a very interesting set up where you focus on a lot of passive healing effects and passive damage.

What would be a good final circle?

Things that came to mind were Priest, ora, diev; Priest feels liked it might be overkill on healing between healing factor and healing skills from crusader, but raise and TU would always be nice investments. Oracle is always nice to invest in; diev might be ok? im not sure i dont priest enough to have the answers i need unfortunately.


Druid is the best choice. High dps skills, huge crit damage buff, huge crit rate and physical/magic damage buff. And chortasmata provides some passive healing.

Krivis is also ok. Crit damage buff, minimun crit chance buff, 10% armor ignore debuff, +50% dmg from Divine Stigma, and Aukuras is a very good passive healing source when combined with another class that can hit very fast (PD).

Btw, save yourself the trouble and don’t use the yellow or the red Chants, they suck. All Crusader healing is trash-tier, and you lose too much dps by using the healing effects.

(To be fair, I had low Spr in these gifs, but still, this means even with high Spr the Crusader healing wont be nearly as good as other classes. And sacrificing 30% dmg for these meager heals is not worth it)

I also plan on going PD-Crusader, but I intent on going for damage only (I really like PD dps mechanics, even if it’s not a top-tier class for it).

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Can’t wait to finish up the leveling of my Druid-Exo (currently level 220 or so) to pick up Crusaider next week as third class. Sounds like a build we’ll see played a lot in episode 12 with potential for high DPS.

Which better Ichor Ornament for Druida-Exo-Crusader??

Any link for a good crusader meta to practice on? I have no idea what to build with it … also I only have Matk rod atm >.> is crusader a Str type?

Crusader is a class which heals and does magical damage, so it must scale with INT and SPR.

oh! thanks! good thing i have rod

Well if like me your build is gonna be Druid-Exo-Crusader, you will use a 2h mace and not a rod to benefit from the Skia 2h mace ichor (+2s duration on Rubric).

Don’t know when that was… maybe you mean kaba 20% dmg on rod/blunt?

it never been implemented in itos nor discontinue (idk with ktos)

I took kabba+PD+Crusader, it Has a pretty damage and a good life regeneration even if you only use the heal instance.