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Crusader art, hit or flop?

hi guys what do you think of Crusader Art -

I’m in doubt if it’s worth investing in or if you lose a lot of damage …

You lose some damage, but just 30% of the buff. The extra healing and recovery are very useful for soloing content and CM.

the arts is garbo because the healing is garbo.

It’s worth investing because I used it all the time. I can’t stop counting how many time i saved my party members with clutches heal. You can also hit capped damage with smugis set effect (400%) if you’re worry about losing those extra damage with chant ARTS.

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Yeah the healing is low but it can make a difference, if anything just for the self-heals. Heal allies & smite foes is a paladin/crusader theme anyway. Note that the heals from Protection are actually not that bad.