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Crossguard - overdrive atribute interaction with channeling skills

I notice yesterday on my alt that whenever i was hit by a monster when crossguard overdrive atribute was turned on, my channeling skills such as cyclone/pouncing were interrupted.

Did anyone notice anything like this as well? i will assume it is because of the block animation interacting with skills, but idk

Not sure since I don’t have any highlander to test at the moment but does it stop your channel skill completely or just stop the animation ? It would be normal if it’s just the animation that stop.

it stops the channeling, the charging bar is gone and if u are moving it also stops the movement.

It’s probably a bug then, bummer it affects some channeling swordman skills, even its own Skyliner

I’m not experiencing this exact issue, but when I was doing some low level CMs as SR-Sheriff, both my Fanning and Marching Fire kept getting cancelled when mobs used Critical Shot on me.

Just to be specific, getting hit by normal attacks did not cancel my channeling skills, only getting hit by monster’s skills did. If you were playing in low level maps, maybe that’s what was happening to you.

Apparently those mobs with special skills like Crit shot will always interrupt your skills/movement, hence it would cancel channel I guess.

like other’s said, some mobs have small knock-back on their attack skills and if they do attack when doing it, it will cancel. !
would be nice for you to check it if the mob’s you are going against are not doing it because of their skill.