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Cross Automatch/market or mergen

Sorry for bad english here.

Well everyone know that iToS doens’t looks very well.

In my opnion, IMC should cross the Automatch/Market or mergen the servers.
lack of material on the market, player to do content is affect this game seriously.
has new people or veteran players that doesn’t want to play cuz doesn’t has player on the game.

Silute, you can’t do TBL, you can cry on Shout, but doesn’t has player to do TBL

IMC MUST do a poll asked the player if want to do cross automatch/market or mergen the server or leave as is.

The mega update each 3 month killed this game, the mega update shuld be each 2 month.


i would like mergen pewew arrow

then tell those p2w to pay harder as well
you think update drop from sky?

I hope they at least make automatch cross-server. For how the Party Chat is on Level Dungeon and things alike, it seems that it was an idea they wanted to implement, but didn’t for whatever reason.

And the Market merge could de-inflate the prices on some servers, altough I don’t know how hard it’ll be to implement.

I hope they do at least the automatch cross-server someday.

NA and SEA used to have multiple servers which had cross-server matching. This never made it across regions though.

Cross server matching would be amazing, but i wonder which server it would be hosted on, since someone is bound to get bad ping (even though it probably doesnt matter much for automatch content)

The market could definitely merge though, theres no ping-related issues to that.


cross server automatching is kinda hard.
But Market merge seems possible since they just gonna pull item information from all servers and display it in market - quite big help for the economy special those non-populated servers.

It’s actually the opposite
They could do cross server dungeon, cross server raid won’t really be problem
Meanwhile merging market is a problem because tp pricing differences
Tp price each server affect silver and item worth
Now it may don’t feel like it because more p2w leave, barely ppl post in market, the economy is start collapsing and more people just posting with “make sense price due to population and its better to get silver anyway” but back then tp affect silver and item worth

It was the case when we had Growth servers, you would match daily with people from those while doing dungeons and raids. So it shouldn’t be that hard to implement between regular servers.

Wasn’t there also when we had 2 NA servers? It’s been long, not sure right now but i think there was.

Maybe not so easy if its different regions on the planet…

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