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Creeping death charm still good ? Worth to max it?

Feel free to share your opinion

Thanks in advance.

It’s still good, but you will have to consider the regular skill allocation for a Taoist:

  • Eradication: 5/5 (high scaling with level)
  • Upper Level: 1/1 (if you use magic circles like Flame Ground)
  • Divine Punishment: 10/10 (high scaling with level)
  • Tri-disaster Charm: 10/10 (all benefits directly proportional to level)
  • Lightning Charm: 1/1
  • Storm Calling: 10/10 (all benefits directly proportional to level)

This leaves you 8 points to allocate between Begone Demon and Creeping Death, knowing that Creeping Death is directly multiplicative (one charm per skill level). Since you usually don’t want to explode your charms (didn’t test that with the Begone Demon arts), you will put those 8 points into Creeping Death. Not worth it IMO, but you have nothing better to spend these points on.

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