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Create/Rework Legend Cards for Support classes

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I think that there are not cards for support classes. At the moment they should use the defensive ones, but i think that currently there are some useless legend cards that could be reworked to give an additional effect with cooldown that is activated after healing or just after apply some buff to allies.

So i propose to rework some of the current ones or create a new ones for them.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:

I see a problem here. The ones able to be reworked are, aside of Mirtis, all locked into unique raid dungeons that are tedious to complete and not rewarding to play. If this backfires, you either have to grind these dungeons solo or buy a legend card envelope for real money via TP sets or gamble on Leticias cubes to get the card you want.

Better if they make a card that’s either free (like the Byle card) or comes with a certain content (for example a Sister Aiste/Sister Lasha legend card that you can get randomly when clearing Uphill Defense very hard for Healers and a Sage Envoy legend card you can drop from Dimensional Collapse point stage 10/11 for support/buff skills).

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:hi: :hi: :haha: @Kisaragi

I think that really it’s not a problem (you just dont want to do that kind of content and thats all).

Anyway, i think that your proposals were good too. The idea is about make it posible so both options are good (in my opinion).

Ty for your contribution!!

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