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Create more goddes/demon armors

Hi hi

I think that there is not goddess/demon armor for tank builds (maybe you would say that “midnight baptism” one is for tanks, but it gives boosts on damage, critical rate and physical critical damage… thats not for full tank builds)

i propose to make a goddess armor with:
max. HP (optional)
HP recovery
(I think that tanks should preffer critical resistance instead of STR… it could be a better option if IMC approve it like in luciferie kantribe accesories)

I’m going to give some ideas about its buff:

1º Saule Armor - Blinding Sunshine
2º Saule Armor - Inmortal Sunshine
3º Saule Armor - Untouchable Sunshine

The mechanic could be:
1º Activated with every successful block.
2º Applied to threatened enemies.
3º Applied after lose some % of HP.
4º Based on missed %HP.
5º Activated with every HP recovery cycle.

1º Increase damage reduction (it could be for the user and party members, but reduced on party members).
2º Increase damage blocked.
3º Apply a debuff that reduce enemies attack damage.
4º Increased %p.def and %m.def.
5º Increase HP recovery, block and critical resistance.
6º Reduce/Activate the HP recovery cycle (without affect its current cooldown) and increase max. HP.
7º Remove debuffs and get damage reduction based on it/activate the HP recovery cycle (without affect its current cooldown).
8º Get a shield based on max. HP (this could be rly unbalanced but i think that anyway it could be tested too) or based on HP recovery.

About the upgrades, i think that this armor should get AoE defense with every upgrade too. Maybe in future upgrades, this armor could get offseting too or Physical and magical defense, but the AoE defense ratio makes the diference as tank during raids taking the damage from AoE attacks from bosses.

At the moment, the armor would give a total of +12 AoE defense ratio with all pieces equipped at lvl 3. (+1 AoE defense ratio per level per armor parts (1 x 3 x 4 = 12))

I I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:

Hello @rgdlfgame,

We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. We will forward your suggestions to the development team for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future. Thank you.

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:satisfaction: :satisfaction: :satisfaction: :satisfaction: :satisfaction: