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Create fishing quests

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I want to propose to create some fishing quests to upgrade the “Success Chance” fishing to all the characters of the same account up to a 10% more (1% for each quest).

This quests could be obtained on the “Fishing Manager” (Joha) or in “Fishing Spot Notice Boards”.

This quests could consist on catch some kind of fish on different places or reach some rank on the “Fishing Spot Notice Boards”.

The “fisher lvl” could be seen on the “Tackle Box”.

This quests could give a fish like a housing item to put it like a trophy on the house (like a part of a camping housing collection) and a gold fishing statue like klaipeda one after catch your first golden fish as reward as well or something like that.

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:

I don’t see why not, but probably wont be a very big deal to most players.

and fishing collections (one per bait type [worm,shrimp,octopus and rainbow worm], one miscellaneous and one for rubbing), please, with a set of emoticons featuring the bait types [octopus collection will give you an octopus bait emoticon for example] and caught things like the sad fish from rubbing, an old boot, an empty can,etc as rewards for completing each collection.

The fishing collection(s) could be the reward for completing the fishing quest(s)

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