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Crafted non-raid legend equipment change

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I want to propose to put the same bonus set from the new “episode 12 equipment” to all other crafteable non-raid legend equipment. which means that players would be able to craft more weapons and armors that have the same equipment buff (this buff is actually only applied as an armor set buff…) and they will be able to trans it up to 10, enhance it higher, put legend enchant jewels, etc.

This kind of equipment is easier to craft and is more usefull than raid ones (glacia, skia,…) for the rest of the contents because the bonus that it gives.

Moreover, i propose to create a “liberation” system to remove the restrictions from the episode 11 and 12 equipment, it would continue being untradeable and unable to be sold, but players would be able to upgrade it more, add legend sets, etc. This system should reduce episode 11 enhance and trascendance values to 5.

The non-raid legend equipment could be crafted now in teliavelis disciple and this new “liberate” system would be in it too (another proposal).

I hope you like the idea!! :satisfaction:

Cheers :haha:

They could just make your gear lvl by feeding it more of the items need it to craft it and add new bonus sets xd buts its imc and if they cant profit with ingame currency they go bankrup so :