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Costume quests' third costume item

Does anyone know if these classes’ third costume item show up on your character’s appearance even when not equipped with the specified class costumes?

Swordie: Matador, Retiarius

Archer: Pied Piper

Wiz: Shadowmancer, Onmyouji

Cleric: Zealot, Exorcist

Scout: Bullet Marker, Outlaw, Assassin

I already know piper’s does not show on other costumes while assassin’s does:

Only one that shows when not using the class costume is the Assassin mask, since it goes into the helmet slot. All the other ones go into the special costume slot so they dont show unless you are using the correct costumes.

In fact, you can change one class to Assassin, do the costume quests to get the mask, then reset back. And the mask will still be usable.

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Aww, that’s a shame.