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Costume Collection Event whats imc plan is this kind of punishment

regarding this event … what imc plan …
is this kind of middle finger to returner … or beginner …

5k content limit per week 20k limit per month
you need 63k points to complete 1 set
for off season price you need 75,600 points ( punishment for being late , poor , unlucky and free to play player )

currently you can use item to buy content points example (mystic tome page = 200 point )
in my current market price of
mystic tome page - 350k silver ( cheapest )
you need 315 pc for 63k points which will cost you 110,250,000
for off season price 378 pc for 75,600 points which will cost you 132,300,000

and you need to collect 7 set

if completed will give your account this stats

Increase every Stats by 15 x 3 = 45
Increase Critical Rate, Block Penetration, Accuracy by 40 x 2 = 80
Increase Critical Resistance, Accuracy, Block by 40 x = 80

i am type if i miss something in the game … i will start fresh at the beginning
but this is online game … either i dont think about this too much which … some people just got the itch of this annoying little fact … that it done gone … your miss it ., which will stress me a lot … so better move on if i miss even 1

Just take it easy. They aren’t doing any more of those, so it’s just playing catchup.

I didn’t see all of these in the off-season shop, so either I’m blind or you can’t get those stat increases anymore.

This is lame. Not worth the investment…

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Yeah, koreans complained and they said they will stop for now.
I think they should keep it going, but release old collections on events often so people can catch up.

Inb4 adding another “timed collection” obtainable in goddess’ scam. If this still a thing do ,:laughing::laughing:

They are all very low stats and not really worth it. Just minmax for the very rich. Skip that if you are new or casual.

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Boss in raid: 5000 evasion
IMC: here’s 80 accuracy collection for you.

As already mentioned the bonuses are not a big deal and I see it more as a kind of reward for those who stay in the game even if casually.

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