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Corsair and sheriff


So just wondering what you guys think about Corsair? I feel like brutality is almost a staple for scout builds (except for AA enchanter build, where strike does not benefit from brutality). I mean it also has 2 non-specific offensive skills and 1 skill for each dagger and pistol.

And since no one is discussing about sheriff, I will start one. I’d go with sheriff-linker-corsair. What do you guys think the differences between sheriff and BM are? They seem to play very similarly…


Sheriff has Four viable play routes to me

  1. High survival & Mobility Setup > [SR > Sheriff > Outlaw]
    • Combo: Swift step + Evasive Action + Redemption + Bully Creates an extremely high evade rates
    • Combo: Pocket Sand > Concentrated Fire/Marching Fire/blindfire/rampage- All interact with blind.
    • Combo: Redemption + Bully + Agress Will make gathering mobs, and keeping your increased threat/evade/movement levels high
    • Combo: Agress - unhinged > Aiming Shot: this will let you basically ALWAYS get the +200% Damage buff on at least one of your aiming Overheats.
  2. High Survival & Damage Setup > [Sheriff > Outlaw > Linker]
    • Same general interactions as above. trades mobility, and a layer of evasion for Linker damage.
  3. High Damage Setup >[Sheriff > Corsair > Linker]
    • Zero need for DWA.
    • Hook+ Keel is only reliable bleed method for dust.
    • Massive amount of overheats. 5 oblique 5 quickdraw, and plenty of filler overheats from corsair.
  4. High Mobility and damage Setup > [ SR > Sheriff > Linker]

as long as you are comboing Sheriff with either Corsair, SR, or Outlaw, you really cant go wrong imo. you could append any class onto any of those combos and have an effective build.

my money is on SR > Sheriff > Out, and SR > Sherriff > Link becoming meta.

Edited: Forgot a few bulletpoints.

Also personally im gonna do SR > Sherrif > Outlaw. I like the idea of a mounted guntank.


Hm… I actually don’t think Sheriff goes with SR, since SR is more auto attack type. Even though maybe sheriff was designed to work with SR?


With regards to the SR-Sheriff-Outlaw build, how would Retreat Shot fair in this build?

This build seems to me more of like a kite and tank build and bursting them down whenever possible.

Would Retreat Shot still be needed during the Aggroing phase or can I invest my skill points elsewhere, Caracole perhaps?

I’m thinking of switching over to SR-Sheriff-Outlaw from SR-Enchanter-Corsair. I’m not sure if it’s worth sacrificing my buffs for a more dynamic playstyle.


they definitely go together- but they use a play style different than the standard SR Auto builds. This would be more geared towards bossing and trash tanking in a group, and pushing damage via skills. it would play kinda like how the old hackapell did; High mobility and good midrange AOE.

Sheriff’s big problem imo- is it lacks any real defining traits. All of its skills can be found elsewhere in equivalent or more effective forms for the most part.

Its most unique effect is its Redemption buff, but it by itself is not class defining. it needs to have another mechanic layer rather than just increasing evasion and move speed.

IMO Sheriff should have been more focused into Mob control, Mitigation and Single target damage.

This is how i’d Change Sheriff if it were me.

  • Delete Westraid
  • Delete Fanning
  • Showdown - Skill (15/15): Becomes active after evading an attack for 3 Seconds. Allows the player to deliver a devastating counter attack that has a (5 * Level)% Chance to Bleed/Blind/Slow/Stun a target. Inflicted Debuff is random.
    • Showdown: Blind - Trait(1/1): Debuff Inflicted will always be blind.
    • Showdown: Lucky Shot - Trait(1/1): Reduces Debuff Chance to 1% Per Skill level, but randomly applies up to 3 debuffs. If used with Showdown: Blind, One of the debuffs will always be blind.
  • Law-keeper - Skill (5/5) - Every time you take damage, the attacker is debuffed with (-2% * Level) Damage (-2% * Level) For 20 Seconds.
    • Law-keeper: Deputy - Trait (10/10): Deputies under your command gain +1% Damage per Level against targets Debuffed by law-keeper
    • Deputize - Trait: If you are the party leader, Party members under your command become Deputies of the law, and can benefit from Deputy effects.
    • Law-keeper: Lone Ranger - Trait (10/10): If you have no deputies, or are Solo, you gain +1% Damage & 1% Critical Rate per level against targets debuffed by lawkeeper
  • Post Bounty - Skill (10/10): Place a bounty on all nearby targets. Monsters debuffed by bounty have increased Item and silver drop rates for all party members. Monsters have a secondary chance to drop bonus items and silver for the Sheriff. Players Other than the sheriff who placed the bounty, gain silver equal to 10% the cost of the bounty when killing a target under the effects of bounty.
    • Silver Costs
      • Small ((5 * Skill Level) + Monster level /5 ) - 10/10 Lv 420 = 134 Silver per target
      • Medium ((20 * Skill Level) + Monster level /2) 10/10 Lv 420 =410 Silver Per target
      • Large ((50 * Skill Level) + Monster level) 10/10 Lv 420 =920 Silver Per target
      • Boss ((100 * Skill Level)+ Monster level * 10) 10/10 Lv 420 = 5200 Silver per target
    • Post Bounty: Justice Served - Trait (20/20): Sheriff Gains 1% Increased damage every time a target under bounty is defeated. Stacks up to (Level) Times for 15 Seconds.
    • Post Bounty: Most Wanted - Trait (1/1): Triples the Silver Spent for the bounty, but doubles the Items and Silver Dropped.

So, your gathering phase actually becomes a mix of Aggress > Aiming Shot. Aggress has a sizable AOE, and since it technically buff’s aiming shot’s damage by 200%, it gives you a good setup for getting things together, and Rampage. if you are killing quick enough marching/retreat can help bridge the cool down gap

This Setup has a plethora of skills to use, with limacon being drastically reduced in its usefulness. After you get to about level 300 or so, you can completely drop limacon all together and invest in 10/10 retreat, 15/15 concentrated 5/15 Caracole

After playing with this build a bunch last night i wound up re-speccing to this Skill Setup: [Scout > SR > Sheriff > Outlaw]. It felt cleaner, and flowed way better than trying to get limacon to be useful.


Fanning is the best skill in the world WTF


Thank you for sharing your experience with the Set-up.

I’ve got a couple skill resets expiring in a few days, will test out the non-Limacon build for sure.


Cool, but just wondering about your previous builds.

Before you dropped Limacon and switched to a skill build, why did you choose concentrated fire over retreat shot?

Edit: oh and why peacemaker? I know it gives a debuff to help with quick draw, but peacemaker is so slow… and it’s single target?


Won’t you need limacon for SR skills to be able to use? Also as a new SR, do Limacon adds dmg to other skills or just AA?


i was aiming for more of a bossing setup thinking i’d have enough AOE on Sheriff/Outlaw, but that wasnt the case. Retreat shot definitely helps a ton for trash.

just for the bossing DPS. I wound up moving skills again because Redemption is actually hot-garbage and only needs 1 point. It’s tooltip is extremely deceptive.

The way it actually functions is it gives you a 100% Chance to evade for a short time, and then after your evasion ends, you get a movement speed increase. Its tooltip read as if it was identical to outlaw’s bully, but for evade and movespeed.

This is the new Setup for skills i’ve taken now:
[Scout > SR > Sheriff > outlaw]

Nope - limacon only enables autoattacking while moving- and then increases that AA Value by up to 100%.

So far from what ive seen… Sheriff is going to need some work before its a good class.


it is, and i’m seeing that now that i play with it more. at first its AOE Felt far too narrow, and too clunky to use. now its more of a 'your going to die here"

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Lol Delete fanning. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


and delete westraid lul
the skill that permit finally linker to bybass the dodged link