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Corpse parts question

Hi. I just returned since Re:Build launched.

Did something change with corpse parts?

On my summoner I noticed that I had exactly 11 corpse parts and no Urns…which seemed weird. Bought 100 Urns, used 30, full 900 corpse parts. Teleported elsewhere, and once again I’m back to 11 corpse parts, 70 urns left.

I guess i’ve just missed something obvious but…well, I’ve no idea what. Thanks for any answers.

If you use on dungeon, it will not record the corpse.
But i think it’s map count now.

I used them on Mullers…uhm…the place where necromancer master is.

Then I moved to some other area and they were gone o_o.

You don’t need to go to specific class master anymore other than quests. Wiz master in Klai sells every Wiz skill item, including corpse urns

Thanks for info.

/post must be blahblah