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Coontroller - Change Target Doesnt Work

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Controller Settings. RIGHT PAD Doesnt work to Change Target i move and i cant change my target
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Server Name:NA

Team Name:Salfete

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Bug Description :Cant Change the Target with Controller
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have u tried L3 button so it won’t target lock?

L3 its for ChangeWeapon.

This is the Image of the Game

Change Target = Dont Work
Lock Target = Work

I need the fix of Change Target, i want to play a Archer Class with PS4 Controller.

Anybody know how to fix? Or a Solution?.


Pretty sure it must be on your end buddy, i play with controller all the time and it works fine every time, i play with an xbox controller tho, so i dont know if that has something to do, maybe is a compatibility problem with steam itself, i think ps4 controllers sometimes goof on steam

Anyways, if you want to play an archer i can guarantee you that you can play without the target change without any problem, most of the time its better to play with lock-on off anyways, and if you need to change targets you can lock-on and off to the right target

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It works just fine for me on a PS4 controller. I use the right stick to switch targets.

Change target with the right stick only works if you’re on target lock

ahhh ic, im using a Logitech controller, so my change weapon button is default on the R3 button.