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Cool 2h mace weapon app for once

cmon imc design team.
the next cube is cool theme, why you end up giving 2h mace another more-cutesy-theme weapon appearance…
the latest sailor moon thing is no doubt will be cutesy, but not this one please.look at those freaking cool costume,gun, bazooka, those…
release more bada55 2h mace, or even one with axe-like appearance.cmon.get just about design theme. the last time im tempted to get 2h mace design is that guitar 2h mace. twilight star or dokkaebi 2h mace might be cool, but they just boring because no cool aura effect like pumpkin candy 2h mace.>cute next time around.

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darn it, i forgot to mention this one and only axe looking 2h mace in my post so everyone stop thinking im new to the game.ok, here i go “wow axe looking 2h mace is exist! wait, is that it?”.

and again, imc, when you created a red cool looking axe mace during campfire theme, you end up give 2h mace a freaking corn.come on man…

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