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Considering Return, Need Cleric Info

I dropped the game right before the last round of updates to endgame gear. I’m thinking about returning to play my old favorite, a physical Cleric (I know, I know) built around Druid but I’ve got a few questions.

  1. What’s with this art, Lycanthropy: Wolf’s Spirit? The text says it makes you go into what we used to call “full wolf,” meaning the blue werewolf form as opposed to the significantly less visually impressive human form, and extends the duration of Lycanthropy to 30 minutes. Is that a translation error or can you really stay in Lycanthropy for that long? Last I played, full wolf maxed out at something like 1 minute. I’d love it if that weren’t the case anymore but I’d like to be certain before I make the decision to jump back in.

  2. Are physical Clerics still trash? I know the magic route is largely considered superior but I’ve just never enjoyed it. Melee is my jam in any MMORPG so I’d much rather build a physical Cleric, even if it means dealing with my old nemesis, Inquisitor, to be viable.

  3. Is Inq still the best class for physical Clerics? When I left the game, Inq was basically the premier option if you wanted to hit things as opposed to blowing them up with spells. That was cool and all but something about the class just didn’t work for me. Zealot seemed like a nice alternative but making it work well depended on grabbing other classes like Monk and (I think) Krivis. Is that still the case or do we have a little more flexibility these days?

  4. Not really related to Druid or Clerics more broadly but how’s the gearing situation right now? Part of the reason I left was because IMC seemed to be solely focused on making raids the only way to acquire endgame gear. If you didn’t enjoy raids (Like me) or weren’t in an active guild you could pretty much forget about ever being viable in max level content. Is that still the case or have other routes opened up?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide. As an old hand who’s woefully uninformed about the current state of the game, I appreciate any help the community can offer.

Wolf’s Spirit is the tanky version of Demi-human form. It’s pretty good if you’re running something like Druid-Paladin-Diev for barrier + healing garden build.

Physical Cleric builds are pretty good now, but the variation is still limited to certain builds like Inquisitor Core: Inquisitor-Zealot-Druid (one of the best) or Inquisitor-Monk-Zealot

Here’s the skills build for Inq-Druid-Zealot:

The gearing situation is somewhat not as hard as it used to be, but you will hit a wall with Arch Stones (these are required to craft end-game items like Ark and Karaliene). There are several way to obtain arch stones, but throwing your slivers into Goddess Grace seems to be the only way to obtain it…

I have been playing ever since they introduced Arch Stones and still haven’t gotten a single one from Content. Grind Weekly/Monthly/Yearly.