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Consecutive / successive hits Spearman Nightmare! ** NEED TESTERS **

@tsigetartseht that can possible be the case ! BUT I doubt it because I believe there no -Effect only reduction by 50%

yeah reduction on earth elemental attacks by 50%
I’m not really sure myself how elemental attack from accessories work compared to the unique Cafrisun set elemental attack tier 2 buff with no countdown ._.

@tsigetartseht just u know that buff is little bit over rated , because that earth damage will be added flat into ur final damage , AND it has its own damage AND if u have any other element buff like fire enchant will be added into it plus the fire enchant will do the same , so basically more element buffs more they do add on each other ! I have tested that and it WORKS ! except the Priest buff from Shops it will not be added !

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I see well I wouldn’t really mind if I have like permanent inferior sorta enchant fire on me as it procs my concentrate and priest’s blessing :open_mouth:

@tsigetartseht I just tested my damage without the hair custom and I noticed my damage increases with the haircustom regardless of the monster element type.

Well then that means it’s working as intended :smiley:

@tsigetartseht correct as for elements added but not solving this thread issue.

The attribute does nothing more than make it a pseudo-multihit, splitting the regular full damage (say, 500) into 2 parts that would amount to the same total amage (450 and 50). This has no effect on the calculated damage nor on the amount of times things like concentrate affect it, and is as such a completely worthless attribute, since it purely affects it visually.

Intended. As above, Piercing is not a multihit, but rather a pseudo-multihit. The total combined damage of each “hit” of piercing is your actual calculated damage and is only affected once by things like defense and concentrate, not for every hit.

This one I’m not sure about. Will test it myself whenever I make a dragoon.

But in short, your line of thought is going in the right direction. They’re not really hitting more than once, it’s just displaying it as such : The actual damage that was calculated and subtracted from the enemy’s HP is the combined total of the “hits” as one main value.

I suggest you drop your values into the main damage formula here: [Damage Guide] The big formula, modifier types, and how they interact!

For the first two, you’ll see it fits perfeclty.
As for trident, I’m unsure how the 3-hit works so I’ll have to get back to you on that one


@EternalDream Thanks my friend ! making a lot of sense, and that means … it is just for display purposes , not wow you are actually doing 3 hits =.=" so LAME

Is it supposed to work like this though? I mean, it’s misleading.
And why would anyone want their damage split without a single real benefit?
I hope I’m misunderstanding something because that’s pretty lame now that I invested so much in a Galin Trident.

For piercing it’s definitely intended: The damage is still x3 on large enemies and x2 on medium.They’re just really more powerful single hits (then split up) rather than more amount of hits. The downside to this is less synergy with stats like elemental attack which would work for each hit of a true multihit (Stabbing, Multishot), while only once for a pseudo.

As for Thrust : consecutive attacks, I have no idea what the idea was there, and I’m certain the tridents still do something beneficial.

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i have invested about 700k , on the same spear … now the price is dropping yes… but QQ

Thrust I believe it should be as pierce , one big blow and % chance to have another one. which according to my understanding the second hit of Thrust should be ( First hit Damage - defence ) , it will be lower for sure but not 90% lower.

No thrust is really just a chance to have the damage show up as 450 + 50, rather than 500.

The total damage doesnt change.

Activates consecutive attacks when using [Thrust] by 1% chance per attribute level.

from the English I understand when you do use the skill u will have consecutive attacks , means after the attack.

You are totally right @EternalDream about what is happening in the game but I believe the tooltip of the skill is not stating that .

we need Dev support here XD

@EternalDream the Bonus Damage from Spear is it added flat after all the calculation or added with the physical damage before subtract defence?

If you mean trident spear, no idea. If you mean normal spears which have like “+X damage on medium enemies”, then that’s added after defense/crits etc, in the same place the formula adds elemental attack.

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I see thank you ! and thanks again for the fast reply !

His 2hd Spear attack 167-219
1hd spear 62-73 + Bonus Medium 12, Large 24
Even with bonus, 2hd Spear supposed to be have more damage than 1hd spear.

yes I totally Agree… should be minimum of 2x damage , not about 10-5% damage =.="