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Connecting to Server taking too long even though the maintenance time was finished

Hello, I just downloaded the game and badly wanted to play it after installing it but theres this problem the i came upon, its when after I selected a server (SEA), it shows a “Connecting to Server” but after a while it disappears and nothing happens. Please help me with this problem

There are a lot of server crash. They are conducting additional maintenance i guess XD

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the mainte has finished a while ago tho

28 more minutes or so …

Edit: Oh~ its done O.O hope no more dc …

there was a temporary maintenance right after the regular maintenance due to server instability

ohh when will be the servers be up?

its already up


still stuck at this tsk tsk tsk
how to fix this?

Did u fix that ? cuz I have the same problem :confused:

Hello Saviors,

If the issues still persists, please let us know through support ticket. Thank you