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Congratulations to the Banishers of Crows!

Banisher of Crows


Special title rewarded to the first party to complete Tomb of the White Crow (Legend) on each server.



Clear Time
6:23 AM EST (93 minutes after servers came up from maintenance)

Crevox: Sorcerer, Necromancer, Bokor
PaleMoon: Taoist, Chronomancer, Rune Caster
Ranguvar: Musketeer, Falconer, Sapper
Slime: Priest, Kabbalist, Oracle
Wing_: Zealot, Krivis, Dievdirbys



Clear Time
4:53 PM EST (12 hours and 3 minutes after servers came up from maintenance)
Message bugged and actual fight time was 21 minutes.

Albero: Featherfoot, Taoist, Chronomancer
ArnoldLeach: Rune Caster, Taoist, Chronomancer
Izuneko: Priest, Dievdirbys, Oracle
Mioneko: Bullet Marker, Linker, Enchanter
STALKERru: Appraiser, Falconer, Sapper


Clear Time
7:16 AM EST (146 minutes after servers came up from maintenance)

Pipita: Hoplite, Lancer, Cataphract
Wingzard: Ranger, Mergen, Falconer
xEarlx: Priest, Dievdirbys, Oracle
Yang-P: Ranger, Fletcher, Mergen
Ying-S: Priest, Kabbalist, Plague Doctor


Clear Time
6:11 AM EST (81 minutes after servers came up from maintenance)

darksorcer: Taoist, Elementalist, Chronomancer
Knabbenn: Barbarian, Nak Muay, Doppelsoeldner
Mar-Vell: Rune Caster, Taoist, Chronomancer
Skyvolk: Oracle, Priest, Dievdirbys
Stead: Pied Piper, Appraiser, Falconer

If anyone has more information (classes etc) or if I got the timings wrong, please let me know.

Congratulations to everyone!


fedimian one, 5431528 minute ?! world record

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Congratulations everyone! That raid is really hard :sad:

darksorcer - Taoist, Elementalist, Chrono
Knabbenn - Barbarian, Nak Muay, Doppelsoeldner (me)
Mar-Vell - Rune Caster - Taoist, Chrono
Skyvolk - Oracle, Prist, Diev
Stead - Pied Pider, Appraiser, Falconner

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congrats everyone who conquered the crow


Crevox we’ve cleared at 06:11 AM


And congrats to all Banishers!

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Any vids of them clearing it? Id love to watch!

Sorry! I fixed this. I figured there was a timezone adjustment needed from the screenshot.


The class builds for Telsiai’s pt is

Pipita: Swordsman, Hoplite, Lancer
Wingzard: Ranger, Mergen, Falcon
xEarlx: Priest, Diebdirbys, Oracle
Ying-S: Priest, Kabbalist, Plague Doctor
Yang-P: Ranger, Fletcher, Mergen

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Do you know the third class? :yum:

Oops it’s Hoplite, Cataphract, Lancer

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Hi, they closed it on Fedimian in about 21 minutes. 12:53 hours after the start of the server.(if I counted correctly)

party composition:
Albero - Featherfoot, Taoist, Chrono
ArnoldLeach - Rune Caster, Taoist, Chrono
Izuneko - Priest, Diebdirbys, Oracle
Mioneko - Bullet Marker, Linker, Enchanter
STALKERru - Appraiser, Falconer, Sapper

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Congratulations to everyone who beat it and good luck to who’s trying.

Good Job @IMCDevs, its a nice Boss

Seems like this fits here:

Varnaclipse Costume **Spoiler**

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@crevox Mioneko here from Fedimian Server, may I ask what’s the point of bringing a Zealot in your party composition? Maybe I am missing something. Wouldn’t be better a Pardo-krivis-Diev? for perma Stigma+Death sentance with discerning evil if your plan was to bring a second cleric support. Also I think it would be interesting if all banisher parties shared their gear and skill point distribution.

Zealot’s Immolation reduces the boss defense by 50%, which is huge and boosts everyone’s DPS on the boss fight.
Krivis provides Divine Stigma which adds another 50% damage to enemies. And last but not least you have Dievdirbys that provides 20% less cooldown for 5-6 minutes(with DM) with Ausrine statue.

Slime has full Skiaclipse cloth ichors, beyond 6,000 Healing stat being enough FS cleric to heal the entire party, while Wing went on a more offensive support duty to make things faster.

On top of the above, the other reason was Blind Faith. The attribute [Blind Faith: Holy Impact] is the only final damage modifier you can provide to others, making it extremely potent for scaling damage.

Zealot is a very powerful offensive support thanks to both [Blind Faith: Holy Impact] and [Immolation: Melt Armor]. We had 1 pure magic DPS (Taoist), 1 pure physical DPS (Musketeer), and 1 hybrid DPS (Sorcerer). Immolation benefits two other people while Blind Faith benefits all DPS. The magic counterpart to Immolation is Rune of Destruction to lower MDEF by 50%, so we had both of Skiaclipse’s defenses lowered with good uptime at key moments.

Before I even made the group, I had specific classes in mind to kill Skiaclipse as quickly as we could, and Zealot was one of the classes I decided we wanted.

Of course there were faster kills out there with different compositions in KR (largely in part also due to having better gear and Smugis), but with the composition we had, Zealot was a powerful addition.

Yeah I guess that makes sense, the translation of blind faith attribute isn’t very clear so you mean blind faith holy impact gives 50% final damge to the whole party?! Thanks for your fast reply anyway, big fan of your posts.

Whenever anyone inflicts a critical hit on an enemy afflicted with [Blind Faith: Holy Impact], they deal 1.5x damage.


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