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Confusion on Drakonas Description and Tips on maxing dps

Hi guys, I am a BM/Cor/linker and I’m trying to get accessories set for my char. Just finished on my varna, ichors and with a single stroke of luck i managed to anvil my pistol all the way to +16.
I am currently wearing Ataka set effect and my crit rate is around 3300.
But for some reason i don’t understand I’m just not getting the DPS i expected, other classes who more undergeared than me are hitting harder (BB, assassin, pyro). Is BM really that behind on skill factor? That we need to heavily invest in our gears to be even useful in CM. I’ve been kicked out a lot, despite me wearing a +16 almost maxed ichors. CM 1 to 5 is fine, but go 6 and i’m bearly doing anything. Anyway i just want to hear your thoughts on this guys.

Now with the drakonas it says dragon strength level 2, does that affect my ataka’s dragon strength? And for the stats when done with the math, is it worth getting, considering the rarity and price of the recipes?

Thanks as always to this forum for all the help.

upload here your F1 stats


No, Drakonas dragron streghth is lv2, ataka is lv1.

No, get the upgrade from drakonas instead.

Ok as soon as i get home

Hi, you mean getting the drakonas pasi for it’s dragon strength and not enhancing it?

no, the one that craft from drakonas pasi.

Ok, thanks. Gonna take a lot more grinding but hoping it’s worth.


Here is my F1 stats

20-22k sub patk? is that +16 varna pistol+varna set?

yeah, BM is not that good for now, assasin stronger because has many damage boost skill, for BB this class is always strong, pyro is good because huge aoe skill and very strong with ARK and new smugis

Nobody want scout in cm because damage is to weak for one minute clear each stage, but Scout Support is good with FlagBot build

Yes it is a +16 pistol and +11 sword set, what seems to be wrong?

That is unfortunate to hear, well if ever all i need is a dagger right so i can go assassin. But i really do hope IMC will see how underpowered it is.