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CON vs Medium/armor offsetting

I wonder what is better between Con stat or Medium/leather offsetting please advise me :face_with_monocle:

You really do lose a lot of HP by ignoring CON, you also gain a small amount of DEF from CON, those two factors made me keep CON.

i am keeping both stats in weapon (STR DEX CON Medium Offset), my crit rate around 8k i think thats enough for most content

Both of these stats give a good overall improvement to survivability. However, as far as I can tell, it’s not possible to roll HP on random stat bonuses, and having more HP makes items such as elixirs and especially the Fruit of HP Recovery more effective. CON will probably win out if you have to pick one or the other.

be like me and go str/con/hpr/offset to max out balinta returns on AA swordsman

That’s correct. You can get Max SP and HP Recovery, but not Max HP. You can get it from Awakening though. Nevertheless, CON still equates to HP, and CON can be increased in a number of ways, as it is a base stat and more commonly found. The Offsets are more limited in availability, with Random Ichor stats on weapons seeming to be the best place to get them. Maxed out on the Common Attribute gives about half of the value of a random weapon stat.

I’m not exactly sure how Offset plays into the damage formula, but in the Stat window it shows a percentage in parentheses next to the Offset value. This makes me think it is post-Def damage reduction, where whatever damage makes it past your main Def stats (what you actually receive), is further reduced by the percentage shown.

This is what the formula is supposed to be:

They’ve stated that Offset gets factored in somewhere, but the example they give doesn’t include it in the calculations. There is no specification on what the “100” and the “0.5” are either. I don’t know if they are supposed to be representative of something or are just arbitrary values to make the formula work.

Ultimately, what I’m getting at is that a better understanding of how these calculations work is needed. Both CON and Offset seem to be important, but how much weight does each carry in the formula?

If anyone can provide some clarification on this, it would be appreciated. I’ve come back to the game recently after not playing for 1.5 - 2 years and this is one of the mysteries I have been trying to solve.

I will copypaste, this is a translation of an official QNA they did recently, the formulas on the devblogs are wrong.

In human words and with added information:
The cap of 1 red line is 100%.
The value % bonus of a red line vs an opponent is ((value / (enemyLevel * 30)) * 100).
13800 is the current cap of a red line vs 460 enemies, cause 460 * 30 = 13800.
The red lines are additive, they are a standard damage modifier, just like cards and set bonus.
Offset is different in PVP and PVE.
Offset in PVE is a final reduction in damage you receive, if you meet the offset criteria.
One single offset line is capped to 50% in PVE.
Offset in PVE is calculated by multiplying the scaling factors.
PVE offset, 50% offset medium + 30% offset leather → 1 - (0.5 x 0.7) → 1 - 0.35 → 0.65 → 65% reduced damage.
Offset in PVP is a simple reduction to the red line equivalent of the enemy. You can’t lower under 0 a red line.

then 50% medium offset + 50% leather + 50% aegis potion = 87% reduction? is there any limit for damage reduction? because some skill/block and buff can reduce damage too

Damage reduction can’t get to 100% since it multiplies with numbers under 1. Technically yes, realistically there are diminishing returns.
50% offset + 50% offset would bring you to 75% reduced damage, aegis potion (50%) would be 87.5% So you gain 12.5% from using it.
In the end stacking % defenses is not worth, but a bit of offset is nice if you want to take less damage, obv focusing on reaching 50% on 1 single offset is more value than split offsets.
Realistically? Unless you are in sanctuary floor2 you won’t have more than 20%ish and 20%ish offset, since it harms your dps too much and it’s overkill in normal raid content.