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Computer spec? can this better?

My pc cpu FX4350
ramddr3 8g (4*2)
graphic card Gtx1050 2g

i will change to
ryzen5 3500
ddr4 16g (8x2)
graphic card gtx 1050 2g (old one)

so this game can run smoother? more FPS? because when cm stage 6-7 i use shinobi skill clone then all shinobi skill it not smooth.

You won’t get “much better” performance if the problem is the game itself, it is not optimized.

I run with this spec:

and I still get FPS drops from shinobis, same with my high end intel rig.

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i don’t know how to say in english my problem with shinobi skill is look like a game stuck for 1 sec ,2 sec u get this problem too with your godlike pc?

i get stuck a little less, like 0.5 seconds, but it’s like i go from 60-120 FPS down to 5 or lower for 0.5 sec when a shinobi uses whatever that drops my fps

So yes, problem persist because it is mostly not our computer’s problem, but their ■■■■ optimization.

tl;dr: your PC is good and ok, the problem is the game

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kinda curious here, which one of your system has better FPS?
since i always doubt this game is favor Intel system

They’re the same, really. The Ryzen just runs higher because the monitor paired with that system has 120hz.

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