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Completed raid/dungeon have no reward

I can not receive any reward from complete any content now. (Yesterday I can play normally.)
This picture is Division Singularity Auto match that I got nothing from it and it doesn’t decrease my entry count too.
It happen to all of my content – CM/DS/Snake/Delmore/SoleHunt/EVERYTHING.
What I have to do to fix this?
— I already reopen my game and check files with steam.

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Hope this issue gets resolved soon. Other players have had similar experiences. We don’t know what to tell them to fix it aside from the usual restart the game / restart your internet / etc. :pensive:

+1 Same is happening in Fedimian server.

Confirmed players that have this problem:
Team Name: Owlbearer
Team Name: baltoux

They get no reward from instanced content, and runs are not consumed.


I thought I was the only one. The issue is with instanced dungeons only. Other content is working as intended.

Hello saviors,

We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Please try the contents again after the maintenance and if the issue persists, please send us a ticket.

Thank you.