Tree of Savior

Complain World Boss Cube


hi guys, my class wiz ele feather shadowmancer using +16 transc 10 star weapon, I hit Marnox WB since 2Billion or stage 1 maybe 3/4 HP I join alltogether Hit the boss, around 30 minute around 30 player hit the boss, die back again rebuff repair back hit again, I believe I done quite a lot of damage since featherfoot c3 with kundela can double hit, at the end only a few player have the box… many many player just see nothing we all hit together right why we spend 30 minute even not get a box reward, ThAt is Not Fair IMC!!!
thats just like 30 player help kill the boss but not get any reward, only few the choosen one get the cube

My Suggestion to make people willing to do worldboss, make action calculation, or damage done to boss fairly get the reward cube, but for AFK player not get it


Don’t worry… most of those who got a reward walked away with an ominous fragment piece. :haha:

It’s like raids where you spend forever gathering the ressources for the entrance fee then spend more time clearing… just to get a ridiculously low amount of red powder. During that time, you could have done one Uphill mission for FREE, got the same amount of powder (or even more), some ore, gem abrasives, HP/SP potions, enhancement cards… and points for a shop where you can get EVEN MORE stuff.