Tree of Savior

Companions, Hunter and Falcon update


First of all, i beg you to increase your concern about solving the bugs in the companions.

Parallel to this I propose:

Add life bars and buffs from the companions.

In “hanging shot” mode, make the same skills used during burrow. That the skill can be canceled once activated. also, reduce its maximum level to 5, its cooldown to 60s and its maximum duration to 20s.

Remove the attribute of “praise” and implement another attribute of the Hunter that gives permanently / passively the same speed as the character to his companion, to ensure that he is not left behind in addition to applying his follow-up with greater sensitivity, taking him close of the PJ constantly, to the minimum movement. Otherwise, playing Hunter becomes a hell because the pet stays behind constantly and the skills require the companion to be close to the targeted target, in fact, it would also be good to increase the range of skills between companion and enemy.

Make it possible to keep the “praise” buff permanently at level 5.

Make “Rush dog” also affected by the attribute “train: ground companion”.

I also propose to update / renew the graphical effects of the Hunter class’s skills:

“Rush dog” with an animation similar to “Crush” (Lancer) + that of “rim blow” (peltasta) when hitting the target.

“Snatching” with an animation similar to dragon soar.

Make “coursing” like a red bite with a blood explosion. Make the “coursing” debuff count as bleeding as well as snatching.

Make “retrive” like a blue bite and make the jaw closed at the end of the bite that does not disappear from the target until the debuff of retrive ends.

Make “growling” a skill in which you have to point where the companion will use it, and when it arrives at that place, the companion makes a load of 2s to then let out a loud yell that affects in an area such as “meteor” elementalist skill and apply the fear debuff. After that yell, the companion will stay still applying fear in a smaller area like the bokor skill “zombify”. Make the skill usable during the bazooka and kneeling shot mode. Change its duration to be 120s and its cooldown of 50s.

Make “pointing” has an attribute that increases its range.

And that’s all.

Thanks to those who read it whole and really, I hope something is done about it.