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Companion Disappearing with Auto-Attack Enabled


Anyone else experiencing this? I’m posting this thread from mobile but I’ll post my system stats ASAP. (To be honest, I don’t think it’s related to my computer.)

My companion only disappears when I have Auto-Attack enabled. My Leaf Penguin functions perfectly fine without Auto-Attack “on.”

I have confirmed it’s not because they are low on health or low stamina. They vanish off the screen after about thirty seconds of being on-screen. It’s not because I leave them very far behind me, either… Sometimes she disappears as soon as her Sprite gets to the corner of my screen.

So maybe it is my computer?

On North American [Kleipeda] server // Ch1

Edit: she disappeared right after I launched an attack and was in the middle of the screen. When I went back to enable my companion, she was still “awake.” What gives?


There seems to be a bug with pets at the moment. They seem to be stuck on stuff (mobs? terrain?) and stop following you after a while. This also happens with summons, which don’t seem to follow you when you enter boss arenas (my Marnox stays idle at the start of the boss fight in dun 330 for example, and I have to “re-activate” him by resummoning).


Yes! Mine gets stuck on mobs ALL the time! I had completely forgotten about that aspect of the issues I’ve been experiencing. It is so frustrating having to disable and then re-enable the pet just to get it to reappear.

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