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Companion choice question

Hi. So far I’ve have a companion leveling alongside me only because “it might be useful at some point”. Now that my character slots are full I’m…having second thoughts…and a doubt.

My main is a summoner, right now lvl 345, and I have NPC-sold Hoglan lvl 340, which I never had any real use for (other than team level). I also have an egg to hatch a Leaf Penguin, which I havent used because of full character slots.

My question would be, asuming I might (wont happen, but…) someday use a companion class, or that they may have any use, are there “better” companions? If so, should I simply delete my Hoglan and level instead Leaf Penguin or whatever else?

Appreciate any help, thank you.

if your another option is leaf penguin dont bother.
leveling pet is fast
i deleted pet twice once cause i got better one,second cause im not into companion class and a character gives you more profit than a pet.

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So there are better ones then. I probably simply shouldn’t bother if I’m not actually gonna use them I guess. Thanks.

If you don’t have a mounted class that could benefit from the companion bonuses (like battle bird’s, normal penguin,…) at high levels they only really help to your team’s level