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Comming back and needing some help


Greetings Saviors,

After really long time (I quited when cap lvl was 280) I decided to give another chance to ToS since I saw a video about RE:build (yeah the hype is huge), but I am a bit confused with so many new things to do and all the changes to the classes, so I am comming to ask for a little of help to build my characters and what should I be doing until RE:build. I manly play Clerics and Wizards, so I am trying to find a nice healer for dungeons/raids and wizard to farm. Previously I used a Cleric2>Priest3>Druid2 for raids and it worked pretty good and for my wizzard I played a Wiz3>Ele3>Warlock but right now Priest3 looks pretty bad and I never really liked Warlock so I am comming to ask for options, specially for my healer since some of my friends are counting with me for the healing part.

Besides that, daily I am farming my Dungeon 330, Saalus, CM but I am not really sure if I should be doing something else. Thanks in advance :smiley:


There are actually a lot of options even before rebuild.

For healing end game content, c2 p2 is really all that’s “needed” and you can play whatever you’d like after that. You can do priest3 druid2 PD3 or Kabb3, if you wanted… but the core here is revive at the moment.

As for warlock, if you don’t like warlock you have some big DPS options with shadowmancer which is great single target, or onmyoji which is big AoE. It’s up to you though, depending on what you want to do at end game there’s a wide variety of viable options.

Saalus and CMs are really important to do, CMs will help you level but are a great resource for gear and silver. You can also do Gemstone Feud, which is PVP but you can mostly ignore PVP and just focus on mining crystals for points, and then you can buy blessed gems with the medals you get from there.


Thanks for your time, just 1 more question: my build is mostly CON since the old meta was full CON, I know that it no longer works like that and I have plenty of potions to reset my stats, so just for a general idea how much HP should I have to be confortable in end game?


Full con is only for PVP and even then you don’t really need full con. You’ll want a reasonable amount of SPR now to heal/support on the cleric, but target HP is really up to you. If you do PVE stuff, I like to shoot for 70-80k base on my clerics without buffs, then expand into SPR from there.

As for the warlock, I would get very little to no con unless you plan on PVPing. Most of your con can just come from gear.


Thanks I will keep it in mind, you were very helpful.

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