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Commerce system

TBH cms are so boring after a while as my main silver income… I wish sometimes I could just do something else. I suggested it before (I think) but I try it again lol…

So there is everything in the game for a commerce system… Lots of empty maps you know… The art style seems rly nice for it too… like imagine us with backpacks/carts/carriages or whatever…

I think everyone knows what I’m talking about but in short:

There are camps/posts in cities/maps and you buy something in a camp that is hold in a special backpack then you have to deliver it to another camp on foot (later with the help of carts or carriages or something) without being able to use vakarine statues.

On the road bandits/demons whatever can spawn on you and attack you and you can even lose some of your goods. The difficulty can scale with your level and the distance you travel with the goods.

When you arrive with the goods in the camp you sell it for a profit. Profit can depend on how far you brought it.

There could be a progression of it like getting better and better transporting tools/vehicles and you could get better and better in it and be able to get more and more profit if you do it a lot.
Also a party version “caravan” could be nice too.

I think it’s an easy cute system that fits in the game. Would make maps more used and would be a nice alternative to cms for income.

I don’t want this to be a new daily chore or something…or something you HAVE to do…as I said rather want it to be an alternative if you are bored with cms and like this kind of content.

It could also be less of an actual commerce thing but transporting goods to the needy or something… but tbh I would be up to any fun content that would be profitable so I shouldn’t do cms after cms.

I hope you consider it.


I agree… CM every day is boring…

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I wish it was possible to stack up 7 entries per week and then do it once a week and be done with it.

Daily content in form of the 400 dungeon is already bad enough, then there are daily quests and more weekly stuff on top of regular farming.

The worst thing about the daily limit is that it doesn’t stack well with the EXP tomes and Looting chance potions, which have a longer duration than the average CM and will continue to tick down if you continue to farm in fields after CM is done, leading to either wasting duration or stopping to farm outright after CM is done.

It could even be in the form of guarding a caravan instead so you don’t have the advantage of classes that add 20+ movement speed to quickly clear it. Guarding a moving object would probably be more interesting overall than just a static object like in Uphill defense or 400 dungeon.

Maybe that could be combined into a single mission, i.e. you bring an item from city a to city b and from there you can continue on a caravan mission to the frontlines. This would be also very interesting lorewise because you could meet some of the frontline army generals again and/or give relief to e.g. the abandoned settlers in Mishekan Forest.

Continued clear of this mission could give additional titles and access to new subquests, similar to the riddles from the archaeologist in Fedimian.

There’re so many capabilities of this system if it was properly developed and introduced into the game for both the general public and the lore fans/roleplayers that it would be a shame if this suggestion goes to waste.

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In one of the games I played with and had commerce system your movementspeed was fixed so it could be the thing here too.

TBH I don’t necessarily mind a little advantage for classes that has buff but it should be definitely reduced maybe to max +3/5 that you could even get from equipment too (we can say because the fragility of your goods or something) Also I guess when you would reach carriages you wouldn’t have advantage anymore. So it would be your choice to suffer a bit at the beginning or choose a class that has a bit of an advantage in the beginning (still not +20 movespeed that’s rly too much)
Also it could be totally disabled ( maybe that would be the best) I just say this game is already about some classes being better in some content than others… XD

But also defending a caravan is an option for new content too. I feel like that’s more of an escorting thing but that’s something we don’t rly have either so it could be nice.

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