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Combat System Changes Dossier, any compensation?

this seemed like a pretty huge nerf on players who want to deal damage.
have the devs or game masters notified us of any future compensated
stat reset potions ?

and for gods sake, some players DON’T have time. most do but not all do.
please give us time to think, Do not give us a reset potion that will expire
eventually. working under that pressure is simply horrid, Specially to this
new changes.

Yes, multiple times in various areas it’s been stated that there will be a full reset event accompanying the reblance. Each day for the event, you will be able to completely reset a character.


Idk if there be a huge nerf of the damage but from what I saw . Monster particualry in higher lv seem to have less hp and with the new systeme, low rank skill will actualy do some damage.
Right now there tons of skill or build path that aren’t viable mostly for high lv play.
Now even flat bonus from sacrement/enchant fire/etc seem to have a good impact insted of a minor bonus.

And mostly… It still in testing, there tons of thing that might change before we got the patch here (Probably in months)

Why is this in off-topic :confused:

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Because it seems you have no reading comprehension, they detailed it out on their announcement in the news page.

Do you maybe not read anything that doesn’t have a TL;DR version?

well, always be a dumb that dont read anything then begin to complain in the forums… we will have a Stat, Skill and Class Reset and we can reset all those stuff 1 time everyday until event ends… so u can test not only new builds, u can test other class tooo.

Oh god be nice people! Simple question easy answer. It’s not the end of the world that he asked and doesn’t like reading so much.

Don’t need to bite his head off.

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