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College sucks, quitting university and drawing profession. Life talks


While some of you might see this as a pointless drama in a forum about loli girls killing virtual enemies. I shall suggest you to leave immediately and look at goddess to goddess hen–. I mean save the land of our saviors. If you’re cool about me ranting about my life and sharing my thoughts to the game community I’ve been on for the past 2 years, THEN take out your free cardboard box, I’ll discuss the current situation with my life. I really need some opinions (Trust me, I’ve contacted my parents) of artists and some people who could provide insights.

I’m not often on this account, but let’s say I was part of the forum activities on it’s early months. I won’t disclose the forum namee, but I’m sure a number of you might have seen some of my posts if you’ve been on this forums for quite a long time.

So right, getting into it.

I am a university student studying Sociology. Trust me I have good grades and I’m running for Magna cum laude or Cum laude based on the grades that I would be receiving in the following months. I’m at the stage of thesis proposal and I’m very interested with my topic in “Online Game exposure and it’s influence in social relationships among users at Cyber cafes” If else, I would gladly throw away Sociology and pick a different course (provided that I could go back in time). My thesis adviser contacted me today, she said that I might have to change my thesis topic to cater with the research agenda of the department, basically they want me to drop my topic, and do a research for a project they’re working right now. It all started with that, with the smile of my adviser. That damn smile. THEY WANTED ME TO CHANGE MY TOPIC TO CATER THEIR INTEREST NOT MINE. I’m writing this wall of texts and I’m glad you’re reading, I’m sharing my sentiments that I am not amused at all and I don’t really know what to do with life anymore. It’s not that I hate my course, but I don’t find the passion for it, it’s a memorization shitshow for the first few parts, then you’ll have an intellectual masturbation with your fellow colleagues to discuss theoretical lenses without being ■■■■■■■ practical at all. Then here I am on the point where I just want to graduate and my only saving grace is a thesis that captures my interest, but low and behold it all crashed today. I talked with my Mom tonight “If I don’t get my thesis topic back, I’m going to quit college” Yes, I’m serious about it, I don’t really want to spend the rest of my months under constant pressure that I don’t want/know I’m doing, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life to think that I spent my whole 4 years in college just to finish a degree in Sociology and landing a job as a normal sociologist, and wasting my life because I don’t enjoy it. I bargained with my mom to give me a year and I’ll practice hard on digital painting. To the point that I’m planning to make it as a profession. My dad is an artist himself, he dropped out of college and now he’s living the life of sitting his ass and immersing himself to oil painting. No more TOS, no more memes. Just pure drawing and some occasional youtube/music playing while i’m doing work. And if that 1 year proved to be a fad, i’ll gladly accept what I got and suicide (well to be honest, I’m really planning to) re-enter college knowing that I’m doomed for this life. I guess i don’t really need advises thinking about it, but if you do have something to say whether you want to flame me or recommend something in life. Sure go ahead, I’ll be reading. Who knows you might be a online benefactor that I would remember for the rest of my life. That would be a moment of “Kids, you know when I was your age, there was this person who helped me”. The rest of the story goes on, I know this is a heavy topic, and I do know I’m breaking a norm for posting this on a goddamn forum about dress up girls online gacha edition 9999.exe nevertheless let me hear your thoughts.

Thank you for reading it all
May we meet somewhere in life.


Sue your thesis adviser and the university!


Dude, chill~
If you can do what AllyAlly proposed (or at least tell them “No ! I’ll do what I want !”), try it.

I get what you’re going through as I went through that period of time in my life a few years back, and I saw my friends, and everybody I had known since high school and whom I met at University go through it as well.
And there’s something we all realized: we’re being overdramatic.
The thing is, most people never stick to one job. Because what you want to do when you’re 18, when you’re 30, when you’re 45 and when you’re 65 will most likely all be different. Our feelings, our passions, our ideas, the way we see the world, our lives and people constantly change throughout life.
Most people don’t actually know what they’re doing, where they’re heading, if it’s what they truly want or not, if it’s what they “should” do or not.

If you really aren’t interested in sociology, if you can’t imagine yourself working as a sociologist or anything related to it without killing yourself in a few years, then don’t do it. Just try out your passion. It might work, it might not, or you might even develop another passion. But it’s never a loss. Never think it’s a loss of time. Way too many people think that, but it’s just wrong. Every thing we do in life give us experience, allow us to understand ourselves better, to learn all kinds of new things and skills, and it’s important. It’s important to live life rather than try to survive and live an unhappy, unfulfilling one.
It’s all good to try out several paths in order to find what you like and what you don’t like. If you’re not cut out to be a sociologist, no point forcing yourself.
While I get it depends on people, personally once I’m old I’d rather know I tried all kinds of things, I was happy, I discovered a lot of things about myself, the world and people than know that I stuck to a work I never truly liked, something that wasn’t meant for me, and that sometimes even made me hate life.

I know I sound like some hippie, but I don’t care, because I’m seriously happy in my life even if it’s not always easy, and I have absolutely no regret. Even those years when I was lost, I thought there were no “issues”, I thought I would always be lost and never find anything that satisfies me… I don’t regret them.

At the very worst, you can always be like my cousin: live in a van with your partner, 2-3 dogs, and do seasonal jobs all around Western Europe :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s actually funny that when I think about my family, the happiest ones are the ones who didn’t follow the “finish university and stick to one job” schema. Instead, they explored, and found their own unique way of living, the one that fits them.


You said everything. I lived that, not with Sociology though. Life sucks if you go down that route.

Things might be funny and interesting at first, you’re learning something new after all and you can adapt to it. But medium-long term can be literally a killing yourself experience depending on your lifestyle outside work.

Also, good to think this way: Bad things and bad choices are no more than opportunities to learn. Stuff happens but we’re also able to get over it.


Well that’s life, we never got what we wanted it, but if you struggle enough it may come true. I don’t want to give you a false hope but something to think about since we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Here video below it might or might not help you but its up to you and some little rant about my experience.

When I was a student in the University I had a thesis, its called “Preserved Delicacies”. I know its kinda a funny title as a thesis but that was time a I could think off. My thesis was to preserve those old delicacies, that thing you usually eat when you are kid as you grow older from time to time. When I was elementary, I usually go this place they have very good noodles, rice cake, meat buns, sweet candies, and etc. It was made locally and cost less than a branded chocolate bar. Me and my classmate stay there eating and gossiping kid stuff. Everyday I usually go there just to eat. It was fun and had a great time, but time pass it’s becoming a metropolis and some small shop just close down because they have malls or none of their family will take over the business. It was sad the food you usually eat as kid it will not be there. I had decided that I want to preserve those good old food’s that was my thesis. So I have present it to my adviser and after long discussion they have turn down my thesis. They want innovation that can contribute society. In my thoughts I said: “WTF, this is history my friend”. After that I give up pursuing this title and get another one just to graduate in the university. After I graduated to university, I was looking my old books, notes and this thesis then I think myself want if I pursed this thesis just by myself since I think there a lot people like me nostalgic their childhood or people that have longing for this food. As of now I still working on thesis of mine but someday I may published to the world and may benefit from somebody who like’s food. :sunglasses:


Never go to school for art, Its a wasted peice of paper. Most college degree are a wasted peice of paper., that isnt worth more than the loan you are left with. For art, all you need is a good portfolio. A school budy of mine went into Accounting, and turns out you need to know people to get into accounting, so he apply for a IT job (no IT degree) but he is a self taught coder, all he did was show them a software he made that protects his computer and they hired him, no degree at all.


I originally went to college to become a field biologist so I can go up to dangerous animals and yell “crikey!” but chemistry beat my ass, so I switched to studio art with a minor in digital art. Got the college degree to shut my parents up and ended up attending a local community college to get a 2D animation certificate to actually follow my passion. Now I’m in a couple of indie game development groups and doing art commissions for my aunt’s t-shirt company. It’s really up to you to find the opportunities out there to make your education worth it. It’s only a waste of time if you don’t do anything with what you’ve learned.


That’s the only reason to become a field biologist.


*lo and behold
anyway corrections aside

i myself have a gpa of 95%

but due to my activities on showing how incompetent the faculty is (really, i’m just an average person who gets grades like 180% [apparently, the school spoils their rich and lazy students with bonus points in order to pass and keep their {high-paying}jobs]), i am frowned upon by the university (since i point those out on annual speeches [of course i said it in a nice way {but exposing their shortcomings is still exposing their shortcomings, especially if the univ is indeed scamming people paying their tuition}).

if i were to fail my course due to it. then so be it. i bend to no one when it comes to the matter of principles

of course the university can’t do that (neither can your adviser). so they hired some really rotten temporary professors (or ones that are retiring next year) to bring me down (they lose your exams, says i’m absent on the examination date and gave me a passing [that “i should be grateful that i even passed”]grade) so my grades won’t bypass this country bumpkin who was so happy to be the batch’s valedictorian nor receive any honors thanks to those barely passed subjects

but at the end of the day, it only proves my point on how bad the university is (it’s a controversy that i get a perfect score on quantitative methods, yet get bad grades on basic psychology[i’m even better at pysch than engineering subjects{my dream job is to become a merchant of nightmares. but current status of the psychology field being very lacking i just went for my second choice}] and that the faculties involved are nowhere to be found) that they have to improve their standards afterwards.

normally, i would say “for whatever decisions you make in life, good or bad, as long as it’s yours, it will always be the right choice.”

of course it will be a paradox if you were to listen to it :^)

saaaaaaaaaaaaaay~ what makes you think i won’t doubt this topic is part of your sociology thesis? O____o


I myself also having trouble finding a job and a passion…

I graduated BS interior Design with a thesis of a “Ecoism in a fine dinging restaurant and function rooms” I passed it after 3 years of fails and frustrations in debating my thesis. I did graduate but did not took a board exam. A turn of events that left me alone for sometime when my my mother passed away after I only graduated. I tried call centers even re enrolling to a vocational course in cooking and baking. After graduating and being certified and had an OJT, but was not absorbed… I tried almost 2 years of finding a culinary job on and off. Now my body Can’t take the strain anymore of labor and I was not happy I was always miserable and I don’t love my job. I quit, and currently Im looking for a job that I can have passion with it and be good at it…

I told you my story because I would say this to you, even if you get old, people will put you down, at times the world is not in our favor that what we want we always get… sometimes we don’'t need a key to a door in front of us. rather open up a window and clime out of it.

Right now I’m self reviewing english from writing, spelling, pronunciation etc. and self learning how to teach 5 to 10 year old kids english. Just to have a shot for a job, I am also teaching myself to use adobe illustrator to add on the skills I already know from photoshop etc.

It does not mean the end of the world, but every decision we make in our lives reflect what we want in the long run… I choose to have a family not a career. I was raised w/o a father in my life and my mother provided everything for me. I never returned that favor to her. So I choose to have a family of my own and give them everything to them. You can call that a career. As for a job I will let the wind take me and build my life from that starting point of another chapter.

So dear friend, don’t give up on life, you can still choose, you can still have a job, maybe start a business, or do a play and be noticed by people to hire you someday. As for the thesis… I learned something valuable when I was working in the culinary world before. Your interest is kept in you, learn what you can. The interest of the governing body is the judge jury and executioner, In this case its your sociology teacher. Its up to you to conform to the governing body or you can break off and attached yourself to another governing body that shares your interest or sprout to be a beautiful flower.

P.S. I agree with people here a degree is just a degree… It just helps you get in a certain job, but if your passion is else where you wont ever be happy on that job or even learning it from school. :slight_smile:

I learned a lot from schools, but time to learn the real world…


Just an update regarding my situation.

I’ve read your comments and it’s very nice to hear other’s opinion, regardless of those who had similar or had a piece of advise to say.

I have talked with my class adviser regarding my situation for now and I would definitely finish college with the mindset of doing it half assed than before. I was killing myself for striving to be good at something I don’t like that’s why I had this conundrum of a situation.

Regarding the thesis, I had a formal talk with my thesis adviser and she allowed me to revert my topic. The only downside would be I’d be pretty much all on my own in formulating everything. But then again I’m not really into grades anymore (It sucks being an asian family where grades are something to be feared of).

As for my passion in drawing, I’m still drawing everyday and whenever I could, I’m sacrificing some of my time in studying for drawing. That’s the very least I could do to make sure I’m improving while drowning on university requirements.

Once again, thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I’d be playing the game from time to time and would love to submit in future art contests of Tos. Despite the constant negative feedbacks and notably declination of the game, I still love Tos.

I’d definitely keep in my mind what you guys said/advise/suggested.
Thank you~