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Collection: Gytis Settlement Area (bug)

I have a character on the server in South America, and it has the “Collection: Gytis Settlement Area” as uninitiated. I went on the map to look for the chest to complete the collection, but on arriving on the map the chest had already been collected and was not in my inventory, I entered the game with my other character and went on the map to pick up the chest. I got the trunk and when I get to the NPC and use the chest the following message appears: “You already have this collection.”

Main character: Stulte, Lv. 109, Highlander
Secondary character: RoyalPaladin, Lv. 82, Ranger
Team: ClanStulte
Server: [South America] Silute

Hello @sergio_pf1990,

Kindly send us a support ticket to address your concern properly.
Thank you.