Cmd.exe blocked by antivirus?


I’ve been unable to start the game as of today at 1:38 pm CDT, as suddenly my antivirus is stopping “cmd.exe” and has it labeled/identified as a malicious program.
Also marked as suspicious is a program/file named “tos.exe”?
I tbh have no clue what’s going on or why this is happened. I haven’t downloaded anything new or gone on any suspicious or risky websites, and nothing has changed.

The antivirus program says that “cmd.exe” (If I’m reading it correctly) originated from “nxsteam.exe” and “HPWMISVC.exe”, both of which are identified by the antivirus as trusted programs.

Does anyone have a solution for this or any answers as to why this is happening?


update: found every file on my computer named “cmd.exe” and scanned each one for security threats, nothing was found :0

update again: scanned every file named above or with a similar name to those named above for any security threats, none found.


Look like your anti-virus program is malfunctioned or your computer is heavily infested by virus. Can you state which windows version and anti-virus program you are using? I suggest you to re-install windows using windows 10 which has a built-in antivirus already.

fyi, cmd.exe is command prompt, nxsteam looks like Nexon steam and HPWMISVC.exe is a driver for HP laptop.


ahh I don’t understand how this could have happened if it’s a virus ;;-;;
i’m using both windows defender and trend microsecurity, and I believe I have windows 10 but i’m not 100% sure.
I think it may be an issue of my antivirus mislabeling programs? when I scan the files in question directly through my files they show no signs of corruption or viruses
I also play Maplestory 2 on the same laptop so perhaps nx.steam is activating when not needed and for non-nexon games? idk?

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!


i suggest you to use windows defender only. It would be better if you can bring your laptop to care center for a check and reinstall windows if need. Hope you can be able to play soon.


ah thank you, I hope so as well ;-;