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CM6 Pre-Reqs Questions

Hello everyone, sorry to bother you folks but I wanted to ask the more experienced grinders a few quick questions regarding CMs past stage 5.

Atm as a semi-new player I run an SR, my attack isnt amazing but I do have a full Frieno Set and and the Asio Pistol proc so I can fully clear stages in less then one minute each, including stage 5 typically without even needing to use a single hp pot.

My PDEF atm is 24k, HPs around 83k, my question was just mainly what are the typical benchmarks stat wise to be able to comfortably solo CM6.

I have been told that 5 to 6 nowadays is a very large gap in difficulty and just wanted a more concrete idea of what to work towards to better prepare my character.

Thank you everyone for any feedback and/or tips.

Drakon Frieno sets +16 T10 weapon with max retreat shot, marching fire, Lincma you can prob clear T6 in 5 T7 in 8 mins depending on builds. Dps is not he biggest problem. The issue is you taking a 2k-5k damage per hit. You will have to spam hp potion nonstop. I have T10 velcoffer amors and Vexloffer legend car stars 4 still need around 30 30%hp potion to finish T7 lv 15 potion non stop. Also the last boss is going to hurt like a truck. You end up around 600k more silver but taking 15 more mins and a lot more potions to finish. Not worth it.

CM6 is generally not worthwhile due to the changes they made. Far less monsters spawn in CM6, they are very tanky, yet they provide no better loot. You make very little money and drops from doing CM6 and even if you clear it quickly, you could often times just make more money and loot killing monsters outside the CM in the same timeframe. The only benefit is the chance of a Legend Raid Portal Stone recipe, but the price of those has plummeted due to the TP package. Unless you are very very geared and clear stage 6 in 1-2 minutes, I advise just sticking to CM5.

If you still want to do CM6, you just need a solid transcendence level on your weapon/armor and have HP potions ready (which will make CM6 cost resources as well). Frieno is very useful, and upgrading it to Drakonas Frieno makes it even better. After that, anything that can make your character do more DPS/get stronger will make a big difference (Smugis, solid enchants, ichors, CON, etc).

To see how is the monster I suggest join party CM that goes for stage 6 or 7. You can see the monster HP, how much damage you deal, and how much damage they hit you.

But I agree, stage 6 is not worth unless you can clear it below 5mins, which probably not many people can do…

Thank you everyone for the answers, from the sounds of it ill just keep spamming 5 in 50second stages, all the sierra dust/nucle powder, planium, and enchant jewels are pure profit so thats good enough.

If you want faster Pamoka… party up and do stg7. That’s the only reason i can think of.

cm7 in a party is less overall exp than cm5 solo. There really isn’t a reason to cm7, like at all.

Well personal achievment and some fun?
I like to proof myself if i can reach certain things - e.g. cm stage 7 or doing raids solo etc.

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