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CM reward cubes: individual take


Right now, the CM is really not party-friendly. You either get cubes for all of the party or nothing at all.

In my opinion, everyone should be able to quit on his own behalf at the end of a certain level without having to suffer the consequences of the rest of the party choosing to enter CM stage 6 or 7 even if the party composition/equipment level isn’t good enough to beat it, leaving you without any cubes.

That’s why I suggest a personal dropout option where you can choose to end the challenge after each stage, rewarding you with the number of cubes equal to the number of stages played so you’re not drawn into the higher stages your character is unable to clear/survive/whatsoever.

At the very least, there should be such an option after stage 5, since the difficulty curve rises sharply from stage 6 onwards.


What? Quit like a scaredy cat? What part of “Challenge Mode” that you don’t understand?


is a party thing cause each person that leaves is another stage that gets ruined for the rest…

imagine you just want cube get to 4 get cube leave and fuck everyone else that wanted to go to 5 and 6…

Don’t be so selfish cause it will happen to you too…


Right now, the CM is really not party-friendly. You either get 7 stage cubes(7+2) or your whole party get it.

In my opinion, you should be able to delete CM from the game, cuz its not party friendly and i can do it solo easily with certain classes.

At very least, but not last, turtle tactics is god.
/154 good days to you


First Saalus now CM wth bruh. My mind is blown