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CM Division Singularity Meta

Hi, does anyone know the current meta/strategies for CM Singularity? Either stages 3 or 5. Currently have no idea how hard it its or how build dependant it is as well.

And even minimum gear to be considered dps/healer in this new “CM hard”. Is ark 5-7 100% needed?


We clear stage 5 easily with this lineup:
DPS/Util - Musk-TH-Falc (falc can be appraiser) - Varna gear (+16 weap) with Punishment 6 Ark
DPS/Tank - Drag-Lancer-Hop - Varna gear (+21 weap) with Punishment 6 Ark
CC/Semi dps - Sage/Cryo/Onmyo (or kino/ele) Varna gear (now upgraded to glacia tho) with Thunder 6 Ark
Healer - Oracle/Priest/Diev. Oracle can be Kabba, pretty good for resetting a lot of skills. w/Aqrova.
1 DPS - can be anything, your meta aoe mage or meta boss mage, or dps pistol scout. has to be geared the same as above.

We do not have Karaliene. IMO TH Musk does a ton of damage here specially with the TH Vaivora.

Pretty straightforward punching bag+CC and be lucky with bosses that spawn.

Oh lastly…
“Easily” could min 1 min++ left, Sometimes we finish with 10-20 sec left if we kept getting mutant plate bosses or other bad bosses.

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So Mokasius, farm your ark punishment/thunder and get varna +16 or +21, easy.

what a joke


Thats pretty insane tbh. Having a full optimized PT with 4 arks 6+ and sometimes barely finish depending on bosses and map whatnot.

How about Singularity stage 3? is it doable with varna +16, seal 3 and some drakonas acc?

How about the impact of Savinose Dysnai? maybe the +100% damage from 4-piece sets makes it somewhat viable with less gear?

Anyway, somehow the fact that we don’t have a “free daily run” to do Singularity makes me feel better, as i can buy every single entry voucher from MB shop until i am ready to complete the content.

It is just so boring to farm so much silver to even get and Ark xD. I dont have any problem farming like 100-200 milion silver to get upgrades or slowly bettering my gear. But something like 1 billion + silver is kinda “too far, too long”, specially now that they removed arch stones drop from almost every single content.

Guess i will just have some fun till arch stones becomes cheaper as i dont really gamble in roullete anymore.

Thanks guys

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generally if you want super comfy runs, you can do a setup like:

cleric support
cc mage
2x dps

This setup is able to clear stage 5 very easily, though of course depending on who you have, there are many other setups that can clear stage 5 effectively.

Generally for cleric healer supports, classes that are very good in singulartiy stage 5 are a combination of:

Paladin: very helpful and generally a good fail safe to help with buffing your party damage setup but also to absorb any boss wipe attacks if its an unlucky boss via devotion.
Diev: Quite important in cd reduction which can enable cc mages to keep elites and bosses perma cc locked.
Oracle: More to cast foretell and disable the CC tiles that the elites spawn nearby which might lead to a wipe.
Priest: Generic aoe heal and revive can help with accidental situations that may pop up.
Kabba: Einsof max hp isnt too bad - though generally not really needed. the cd reset for your party members are always helpful in taking down bosses though.
Pardoner: indulgentia heal is comfy and Discerning Evil debuff time extension helps keeps elites even more locked within your cc mage spells.
Miko: migo is cute and the party wide buffs are very comfy.

For cc wizards, generally you can use a combination of:

Pyromancer: firewall can keep elites away from your party, while firepillar can lock them down if they are standing underneath it.
Cryomancer: Frost Pillar does extremely well as a fast acting cc to freeze both bosses as well as elites over 10 seconds. Snowrolling is quite risky to use since elites spawn cc tiles which might petrify/scilence/stop you if you are too close to them, however if you have the proper timing and setup down then its good. Ice wall is able to freeze bosses as well as elites which is why its super comfy, but you’ll need to know how to position the wall as to not incur the wrath of dirty ataka users.
Psychokino: Gravity pole(non arts ver.) is extremely insane in pulling in elites as well as lowering their defenses while locking them down. This coupled with Magnetic Force that pulls enemies together can be very useful so your party doesnt get overwhelmed from multiple directions. Heavy Gravity and raise arts combo is good to stop mobs from moving and give your party some breathing room once your other spells are on cool down. PP is able to cc bosses as well but at a chance, use it only if you have literally everything else on cd.
Onmyoji: Not the best cc class with only tiger roar being super useful for short term cc and interrupting boss attacks, and also greenwood tree being a very smol succ. It does however make up for it in damage synergy but i will leave that out of the equation in terms of cc wiz.
Elementalist: Hail is quite useful as its able to freeze bosses as well.
Terramancer: Horn of Golem circle CC is pretty nice in grouping mobs together.

The reason for falconer is actually to help your cc wizards land their spells on as many targets as possible over a wide radius. Without a falconer, runs tend to be much harder as bosses or elites that spawn in multiple directions can sometimes not be cc locked. Falconers pheasent spawmming are also very useful to knock the elites down too and is really comfy for stage 5 singularity.
You can couple falconer with classes like mergen/arba/cannon for dpsing as well as appraiser to help with your party dps.

Your dpsers in the party can literally be anything that does good dps. Any base class tree will do. Things like bbs/sorcs/etc.

Remember, depending on who you have, you can alter the setup as neccesary.
Some runs are able to be done without a cleric support, substituting it for another cc wiz or heavy dps.



Sing 3 is definitely do-able depending on gears. I managed to solo stage 2 with 1 minute over with +16 Varna equipment. Sing Stage 2 solo Video

I managed to clear 90% of the stage, but i ran out of time on stage 3. +16 varna gears should be viable by the time Cleric get Plague Doctor vaivora.

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3 is very doable without much gears, just your standard +11 - 16 varna.

Yes, we did optimized ourselves to spam dscm5 as quick as possible.

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Singularity 3 can be done without much issues. In my party, we are a “core” of 3:

  • Oracle/Diev/Kaba varna gear, seal 1, drakonas, aqkrova
  • Cannoneer with varna +21, seal 3, drakonas, regular ark
  • Dark wiz with varna +11, seal 1, drakonas, regular ark

with all arts, all regular enhancement attributes lvl 100, and arts enhancements around lvl 10

The other 2 can be any cc + another dps, both with varna, appropriate ichors, drakonas, etc. and we can do it, sometimes even within a couple of seconds left but we can, most of the time we do it with 30-20 seconds remaining. So, yes it can be definitely done.


I mentioned the lineup along with the gear because you can have this composition and not the items, and fail.

Gear is crucial for doing stage 5 as you all know how tanky the elites are. After that, it’s just luck on which bosses you roll.

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ds5 is doable without ark and savi dysnai, u need flag,linker,oracle,falconer and pyro

don’t use any melee for dps if not geared enough because they always die

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Hello! You definitely don’t need ark and nothing spetial. I will tell you what we use to clear singularity stage 5 (we have done it in every map easily, and with 1 minute left):

  • 1 flag savinose ep11 or with any gear (doesnt matter his gear) -> thauma - enchanter - corsair.
  • 1 appraiser - falconer - hunter (support) full skiaclipse varna with nothing special. It doesnt need to be much geared neither, its support, he don’t even need seal lv3.
  • 1 heal paladin - oracle - diev -> paladin is really good in this content he can tank all the damage if he has magic shield (important part) and a bit CC like hail (he don’t need more). This player needs to be full geared to tank all the damage -> He is full skiaclipse varna with seal 3 and with all ichors with con, spr, evasion, block, and with thaw (but it could be with other fixed ichors)
  • 1 pyro - ele - tao -> Important for the hail and for the party magic shield. But it could work with other AOE wiz like onmy kino that can share party magic shield of course. This one needs to be full geared too (skiaclipse at least). I am full skiaclipse with smugis, seal 3 + glacia weapon, and nothing spetial, no karaliene, no ark.
  • 1 random AOE dps geared (skiaclipse gear) -> We have done it with a lot of people covering this spot, archer canooner matross, with druid crusader exorcist. It can be any AOE dps geared (skiaclipse seal 3 etc)

And thats it. I recommend you if you are not geared and you started to play, just level up a thauma enchanter corsair, we bring a lot of ep11 savinose flags because it doesnt matter the gear for the supports! Also if you like more, the support appraiser doesn’t need much gear neither but a little bit more than the flag, I would say at least almost all skiaclipse (maybe can lack a couple of pieces) and seal can be lv1.


Thank you for the info guys! i will try at least singularity 3 with my guild just to get used to the mechanics and strategies.

Here’s a sample I guess, just to show how important CC is, not our usual team though.

We’re still running varna stuff with some glacia weaps. Should be very doable with the new savi if no ark.

Sorry for the music and stuff, I just remembered to record on the fly to show it here

How would this work? in terms of skill rotation etc

Hii, I asked the party member in question and he told me this:

Mostly I need to keep Aiming and spam tomahawk and blinside. Downtime auto-attacks with preemptive strike to see if I get an extra skill. I basically spam all abilities and when all abilities are on cooldown I use auto-attacks. And also hounding buff to improve the looting chance (looting improves the drop of the singularity stones)
He also says his main role is using Aiming and debuff enemies with blinside, devaluate and howling.

Next week when we do our singularity runs he will do a video to show it, I will post it.

Aiming is pretty OP in concept, atleast in my opinion

If you can hit 50 times but you miss half of it, it’s a waste obviously

With Aiming, even if I can only hit 30 times but it all hits the target, that’s more damage so to spek

What archer weapon for singularity?

What do you mean?

Ichors? weapon type?
Ichor, if musket, definitely go with TH Vaivora. It turns you into an aoe monster.

If Bow, Orbital. Goes well with falc.

Just wondering if a musketeer is viable for it

Yes, but you need TH Vaivora to actually do good aoe damage

Here’s another sample w/out meta aoe mage, but this is honestly getting a bit old already, at least it’s more fun than the standard CM.