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Clown thoughts need help

Hi, I Back to the game because of this class (ragnarok online vibes(I know its not the same but you know)) and I would like to use it but I dont know how should I put my skills or combos I saw in the tree of savior ranking that normally people take assasin, rogue and clown. I wonder if is good and also is just for pvp or I can use it in pve? Thanks in advance for the help :distinguished:

On Silute Server normaly are taking BM - Assassin - Clown for Pistol+Dagger or Ardito - Assassin - Clown for Dagger Only. Both of them are good in PVE.

Rogue is not much used on PVE.

Yeah I saw this guide but Im not sure about the equipment I read about vaibora weapons (which I think I could get one in this event) and he didnt use it so Im not sure about that part.

you can get free vaivora dagger - Phantom blade from this event for your rogue