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Close SHOPs when MATERIAL is over

As the title says, trying to repair, buff, identify or enchant something 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times and even so don’t acomplish it, is just too annoying, useless and a huge waste of time.

So, I suggest:

  • Close Shops when material is over.


  • Make the name of the shop turn to RED, so we can identify who’s shop is out of material (and it would benify either the user as the owner to remember or to inform that his shop is needs material).

I agree. It is quite annoying and would help to not have so many shops without materials.

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That normally happens when there is materials but not sufficient to do a job,
Mostly on Repair Shops, every full repair takes a lot of materials and if the shop is low on materials it will not close and it won’t have enough materials for any work. Thats how it happens.

The thing about changing the color after it reach a low limit isn’t a bad idea. Like 500 kits.

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Please add this to the game

+1 for this good idea

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