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Cloak success ambush

Is cloak success ambush art worth learning? I saw report back in noc 2019, i saw report about bug… Cloaking Arts causing Cloaking to go on cooldown

worth if you have boruta seal scout. weird, i never experience that bug, but i never play feud because of lag

how does 100% cloaking damage work? I know its invisibility skill

if you use skill or attack while cloaking, your next first hit will +100% dmg, only the next first hit. cloaking art is the cheaper version of ignas card effect

ignas and cloak art can stack?

overwrite each other

False informtion ! it just adds 100% to your increased dmg in cloaking, means, cloaking adds 12% for example without seal, but with seal, it adds 24%

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As far as I’ve tested, both procs can occur independently of each other, but they won’t stack in case they proc together. Is that what you mean by “overwrite each other”?

correct, ignas can’t add more second to cloaking triggered by art, and vice versa

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hmmm… if I have cloak ambush… can I still use IGNAS?

You can use them both, but don’t expect both durations to stack (thanks @7aniki). You’ll have a higher chance to cloak though, specially in crowded areas, like CM.
If you plan to take advantage of the combo, I recommend you get an asio dagger ichor, since it works w/any kind of stealth/cloak :slight_smile:

asio dagger doesnt work with assassin anihilation:exit scene attribute, that attribute doesnt count as cloaking

@7aniki didn’t know that. Thanks!

I think I have a bug with this art or I don’t understand how it works… isn’t it supposed to give me the skill effect with a 30% chance when I kill an enemy? If I kill 10 at once I should totally get it for example… I don’t see it proc

Make sure you’ve activated this ART once learned. If not, the effect won’t proc anyway.