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Clerics' Fade [Change]

Since nobody really uses this skill as erasing the threat of monsters attacking you is not really desired as the majority of monsters are pretty easy to kill and the purpose of this game is to kill as many monsters as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time I propose the following changes to Fade:

  • Increases the Overheat charge of each skill by 1 for a certain amount of time for yourself and party members. (only applicable for skills that have 2 or more overheat charges.)
    -Attribute 1: Skills that are being effected by this buff and used have their physical and magic attack increased by 1% per attribute level. (max level 10)
    -Attribute 2: Skills with 5 Overheat charges become 0 Cooldown skills with unlimited number of uses while Fade is active.

Errrrrrr no thank you please!!!
Fade is fine the way it is now,back in the day it was OP because while Fade certain CC had no effect on you and it neglected all magic damage.

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