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Cleric set smugis or ataka

Im exo druid sader and wonder what set i should aim for is it smugis or ataka. And why thank you in advance

I search the forum for similar topic there is one but no reply.

good crit,seal lv3,sustainable boost>>ataka

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Druid: Lycanthropy will boost your crit rate by a huge amount and Sterea Trofh will boost your crit damage as well. With varna + 430 ichors, you will have well over 4k crit rate and do huge crits. Definitely get Ataka!

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Thank you for the reply guys its just that i wonder what the use of ataka in bossing when there are only one enemy dif i misunderstood its effect.

Remember that this will be soon changed from +50% to +15%.
4x Armor + 2x weapon ichor + base crit will net you ± 2500 crit, which is only 2875 crit with Lycanthropy after the changes.
Since you cannot use the upcoming Karaliene Pyktis set unless you want to give up on the magic damage effect of the Karaliene Triukas set, you would have to rely on it to get to 3100 crit/~3500 crit with Lycanthropy.

Since Daino scrolls will no longer provide minimum crit chance and Zalciai scrolls will no longer reduce the enemies critical resistance, magic Cleric builds without Miko or Plague Doctor might find themselves starved for crit rate sooner than later

so with that changes is its still good to go for ataka?

I guess this will depend mostly on your focus, whether you want to invest more into Exorcist or Crusader (unless you’re willing to swap between two 2 hand maces, one with the skiaclipse ichor for Rubric and one with the Vaivora ichor for Crusader skills) as well as your general attack value and target content.

Exorcist will be able to shine more if you use Smugis, since multihit skills like Aqua Benedicta will unintentionally trigger Ataka on crit, sending it into CD.
The party composition also might be interesting, since Smugis coupled with Dievdirbys and Kabbalist has a good potential to deal a lot of damage within the 50 seconds it lasts.

Crusader on the other hand has some nuke skills that could definitely make use of the Ataka set and Sterea Troph if timed correctly.


i made up my mind im going for smugis thank you :slight_smile:

wow so melee clerics will be taking an even bigger hit thanks to druid nerf? sucks. not like melee cleric was amazing to begin with. if id want to continue it, id have to use a new set coming out to balance out the nerf?This text will be hidden

not really, it’s mainly the magic Clerics who take the hit, since Inquisitor and Zealot have crit chance/rate boost skills, and the Karaliene Pyktis legendary Accessory set will net you a nice 500 crit rate on top of the base crit rate of the set, which is about as high as the Drakonas Pasiutes set.

It’s just that you no longer need that lousy Druid in your build