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Cleric Priest Oracle Diev

Hi guys im new here and i am that one guy that follows other build

do you guys have Priest Oracle Diev build including the skill attribute point distribution?
i tried to look on some build and most of them doesnt really have the skill attribute point distribution and quite outdated

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up to preference some prefer max divine might others like arcane energy whilst others still counterspell on oracle

on the diev some prefer to max owls or go full support and take world tree

Carve World Tree is really good for CM6+7 in EP12 maps, when mob waves spawn to lower dmg taken by the party.

Owl damage is pretty low in ep12 content, as a healer

thanks for the reply, do you have guide with attribute points?

i think im on the right track, altho i didnt max aspersion on priest which kinda sad
and i didnt take any arcane energy, i just go with level 14 counter spell
i just managed to advance into diev and i am still not sure on which to max, owl or the world tree

how good is the skill compared to owl tho? they both have increased duration when levelled up
obviously owl is for damage and world tree is for silence and evasion but i wonder if its worth to do that

of course we can cover the SP with divine might from oracle but still i wonder if i should just leave all the damage on dps class, not to mention im using support class anyway

owls do very low dmg, nearly useless. (in ep12 cm and raids)
silence is great for CMs and the -evasion can be good too.

ok i will go with world tree instead then, thanks :smiley: