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Cleric, Oracle, Miko, Priest

Title. Wanted to ask if the build in the title is viable at all or is Dievdirbys critical in the build or better than what Miko can provide.

Thanks for the help and insight guys!

You really want the cooldown reduction that diev or kabba provide. Miko is still a great class, just usually not put on a full support build.

There are some niche circumstances where miko would be good, but it would depend on a wide variety of factors–in those niche cases you would probably drop priest instead to get it.

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So with that in mind. Cleric → Oracle → Kabbalist → Miko then? I do like having Priest though with the benefits it brings to the group.

I would do Priest/oracle/kabba for most content. If you feel like you absolutely want to specialize later no after you get a feel for certain endgame content, I would swap to miko.

The most important thing is feeling things out, finding a group you can best synergize with as far as class-makeup. You can always swap back and forth too, class vouchers aren’t too bad to get these days.

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