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Cleric Magik DPS

Hi everione , i ve just a simple question

Smugis or Ataka

i ve doubts about wich set is better for this builds

Miko exo crusader and druid exo crusader

Im looking for opinions


Ataka for PvE + Bossing and Exo-Druid-Crusader would be much better with grass healing while dealing damage. Exo-Miko-Crusader has insane amount of damage boosted compare to Exo-Druid-Crusader thanks to Sweeping from Miko. Which give +2 magic circle skills (most of crusader skills are magic circle).

Smugis is more orientated toward Weekly raid boss in my opinions, and there are time you will be fighting weekly raid boss that has insane amount of critical resistances or to a point where you can’t crit at all.