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Cleric Magik DPS

Hi everione , i ve just a simple question

Smugis or Ataka

i ve doubts about wich set is better for this builds

Miko exo crusader and druid exo crusader

Im looking for opinions


Ataka for PvE + Bossing and Exo-Druid-Crusader would be much better with grass healing while dealing damage. Exo-Miko-Crusader has insane amount of damage boosted compare to Exo-Druid-Crusader thanks to Sweeping from Miko. Which give +2 magic circle skills (most of crusader skills are magic circle).

Smugis is more orientated toward Weekly raid boss in my opinions, and there are time you will be fighting weekly raid boss that has insane amount of critical resistances or to a point where you can’t crit at all.

I’m testing Crusader-Exo-Chaplain and it’s working pretty well actually. Cappella gives an insane boost to all Holy skills (literally all crusader and exo skills), and Magnus Exorcismus ARTS deals insane damage to stationary opponents. Plus permanent knockback resistance to channel your rubric.

Chaplain? o_O

Are you sure the Cappella bonus is better than say +1 to all magic circles (Henge Stone), increased critical damage (Sterea Trofh), +40% to all damage and +15% critical rate (Lycanthropy: Human Form)?

(note: I was Chaplain at the beginning of re:build with my DPS Cleric and didn’t like it at all so I switched – maybe it’s better now didn’t test it in ages)

I also need to check Miko. Apart from Sweeping I don’t see any great skills from the class page, so I need to check in game for the full description.

I myself would go for sure as a main class: druid + cruzader. For third class you could also build:

Krivis = a lot of buffs: critical damage +, accuracy +, zaibas - a love lightning skill and then you could go for the art to increase its area <3 awesome! and divine stigma.

Diev = support buffs, owl for CMs and silence

Exorcist = my class (druid/cruz/exo) lots of AoE skills and really strong. I think it’s the “bread and butter” build nowadays

Inquisitor = good to clean CMs. But IMO I don’t think your build will benefit much with inquis on this build

Paladin = You’ll be more tanky. That’s it.

Plague Doctor = Fun to play with spamming skills. IMO good for party support and to clean CMs, but as far as I know there are better options.

Sadhu = Never tested but people say it is good for bossing.

I certainly would pick these:

Exorcist - Druid - Cruzader

Yes, I know everyone picks Druid or Miko for Crusader-Exorcist but I dislike the themes… Idk I find the permanent +80% (or temporary +160%) holy damage of Chaplain more reliable. Plus it has high SPR for more crits. We’ll see bc with the upcoming changes they might ruin the class (although they said they want to make it even more compatible with magical builds).

Also I find that Druid is not as good as people claim it to be, bc it turns all enemies to plants, which automatically reduces damage (since most enemies are demons you end up hitting them super effectively most of the time but you lose that with druid).

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Haha didn’t know about the grass attribute! Interesting but still don’t want to be a furry. What’s that card doing??

It has a chance of activating Pain Barrier [Grants immunity from Knockdowns, Knockbacks and being Staggered. Grants temporary immunity to all removable status ailments except stuns, binds, immobility, curse, freeze and petrification after use. Also increases the chance of resisting status ailments for the duration of Pain Barrier]. (Gazing Golem Card)

Oh nice, these cards are quite strong