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Cleric>Krivis>Paladin>Zealot Build doubt

Hello everyone!

I am back after 1 year, i’ve moved to a new country, so i had a really busy time until now.
Now that i’m back, all my chars are back to the class 1, and i’m terribly lost with my zealot building right now.
I’ve put con/str, i don’t really remember why lol
Also, the build i was following is outdated, and sincerely i don’t want to destroy my build and then need to buy TP to reset skill.

I want to have fun with this build, does anyone have any recommendation? Should i reset for full str?
About the skills, a few have changed if i’m not wrong, i remember i was going for full fanaticism, immolation, blind faith and fanatic illusion. If anyone has something that actually works, i would be happy if you share :slight_smile:

Best regards!

the thing is – zealot i s a buffer now. He burns armor, buffs crit dmg and add some bonus dmg.
something like that is a meta zealot dmg build.
paladin is also suport class, and krivis =)

to some extend even ur build will work, but it lacks dmg.

Ohhhh alright, get it!
Thank you for your answer :smiley:
Should i still invest on STR?

str > dex . With new auto stat system u got like 52 free stat points, but imho con is the best choice here.

There’s an event right now that allows you to buy reset potions for a few “adventure sprouts”

I’ve reset so many times I can’t count since rebuild and I’ve never bought TP. Don’t worry too much. Zealot Krivis is fine, but pick something other than paladin with it. Inquisitor for example.

Krivis is a “magic” class, zealot is a physical class, but with some bonuses for any class, and inquisitor it’s an “anti-magic” physical class, zealot can give you some synergy, but maybe you should try inquisitor/zealot and another class instead of krivis, or maybe krivis/zealot and another magic class, for example I have a Sadhu/Zealor/Krivis, and skills such as Prana, Fanaticism and Blind Faith, gives you more output damage when using Possession (Empathic Trust only affects holy damage, which you don’t really have with zealot/krivis), and zealot auras can deal damage while you use OBB is you’re a Sadhu to “protect” your body. You can add Exorcist for a Rubric/Empathic Trust combo, or go for a more physical build, and mix Zealot/Inquisitor with another class like Monk, Chaplain, or Plague Doctor to be more “tank” like