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Cleric Help Build For Lvling UP


Hello im Currently looking for a build to lvl up with while still having decent dmg the first build i came across is this

and the second build i found aswell was this

So im trying to figure out which would be best overall i kno oracle is verry useful in alot of builds but i also like the idea of PD aswell for the extra push in dmg and the movement speed buff is nice but the death sentence debuff from oracle could be fantastic aswell. Also do i have the class placements correct is it exorcist first or druid first then exorcist :? Any help would be nice guys :slight_smile:


2nd build is better. leave oracle to your team’s healer


ok thank you so do i have the class placements correct or it doesnt matter ? cuz ill be mostly lvling alone right till high high lvls ?


doesnt matter.


Class placement actually matters. Last class would be longer to level up.

I suggest getting Plague Doctor first for Modafinil to help going around quicker during questing. Second class Exorcist and last Druid. At lv 270ish where you unlock third class the grass will help since you’ll often do CM.

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