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I got flagbot/archer for main but want to make healer, but i need glacia mace for better healing? I really need some advice.

My set is done but i want to know weapons is must for healing?

It depends on the content you are aiming your healer for.
If I am not mistaken, you need some sort of specific ichor for glacia dungeon.
For other contents, I don’t think you have to get something that specific.
I use moringponia ichor with my healer for challenge modes and division singularity and that’s enough.

Not really. Glacia mace will give a bit more atk which will be translated to some healing factor via the cloth art for healers. Transcending a mace is more important.

Thaw set. It gives good bonuses… but is only useful inside the WW raid. For a more overall purpose, the skia compassion cloth set is still great with Aqrova set bonus on Varna equipment.

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I set my ichros like this SPR-CON-Block-Crit res and againts medium.

Going to make fixed ichors. Aiming Thaw for now.

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Thaw is expensive. Aim for it if and only if you’re making your healer for the White Witch raid. For other contents (CM, DSCM, other raids), Skia Compassion set is more than enough.

no1 sell that Skia Compassion set these days… :frowning:

Wait for reduced unique raid entry cost / double reward event, then they usually show up again. You can also ask in Shout if anyone is selling.

You can also hunt for it yourself, as the Solo Unique Raid is easily doable for healer with assister. Need to be a bit lucky with gambling or have a lot of patience, though…