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Cleric build about stats error

Hi All,

I purchased “2020 berry pack” inside have the lv 430 EXP card and class EXP box. I used that to created a new cleric class character. I advance to Cleric --> Druid --> Crusader --> Krivis. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd class are heavy scale on INT as main stat. But my character is different. When I press “F1” to check on the stats. It heavy on STR instead. May I know is this a bug or this is normal or I did something wrong during the class advancement?


Have you checked your attributes? Three of your classes have the ability to switch their stat scaling from INT/SPR to STR/DEX, and all 3 combined can definitely make a big difference.

Hi, thanks for the reply. You are referring to press “F3” that skill attributes?


Cleric “magical” classes (such as Druid) have an attribute to switch INT/SPR growth to STR/DEX instead. For “physical” classes (such as Paladin) it is the opposite. If like many players you get all “non enhance” attributes which cost nothing immediately and turn them all on, you may have activated the STR/DEX growth by inadvertance on all your classes (even the base Cleric class has this attribute). Go to F3 and check all your classes, if “STR/DEX” growth attribute is on, turn it off.

hi draconis,

Thanks for your advise. Yes i had it turn on and I don’t know it. As I first time using cleric class. New return player since 10 days ago.