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(Cleared) Event kupole powder exchange bug

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September 26, 2021
9:40am svt

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Took 100k sierra powders from storage …. Went to exchange kupole npc … placed 340+ something (102k) sierra converted to nuclei then all i got is 33,500 nuclei in exchange.

Did you guys change the ratio? cuz looking at this the ratio before sierra to nuclei is 1:3 but now its reversed … O.O


I exchanged 340 sierra powders ( 102k sierra ) and got only 33,500 nuclei … like WUT??? please fix


O.O … sad I tot it was still 100:300 sierra:nuclei …

The model is 300 sierra > 100 nucle
The reverse is not the same. It is like this since patch day.

and yes given the sentence they provide, it is wrong that 300 sierra only gives 100 nucle.

F for your sierra.